Calico Cat

Vintage Words


That calico cat is

mostly fur camouflage,

almost missed crossing

the unshoveled porch.


She moves through the chill

in search of territory as if she

owns the property positing that

everyone who lives here exists

for her reign.


Her fur is huge, big hair,

like a fashion queen sauntering

along a runway under the lights

to the applause of her fans

and the envious.


This Calico tabby is like that.

Wherever she strolls, the landscape

is marked by her careful paws,

declaring our porch and everything

she eyes or brushes past, hers.







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Loved this A. Reminds me of

Loved this A. Reminds me of my childhood cat, Calico. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Not A Cat Person

The calico belongs to the lady on the other side of the street, but I let her have the backyard

whenever she visits. One day she was sitting on the wood rail surrounding the patio and she scared me when she moved. Cats mess with your ego, they are very there when they are there and will make you move over. Cats, not just a musical - glad to hear from you HW - be well. :D slc



Lady A