happy 2018 all

happy 2018 all

By jfarrell


May the new year, tomorrow,

Be your best ever.

More prosperous, happier, easier.


Tonight, enjoy the crowds, the sights, the thrills,

The warmth and companionship of other people, strangers;

Please enjoy the spectacular fireworks display.


For me,

Long ago, a firework was put through my letterbox

And my hall went up in flames.


This past year,

Too many innocents have died in flames.

Fireworks don’t feel to me as they to others…


No matter…


Tomorrow, 2018, sees the birth of a brand new, unwritten future,

For us all.

Happy new year.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

best new year to you all

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Theodora onkea Celebration

The joy of writing can set you free, 

As you put pen to paper the words start to flow. 


Each time you start cooking, 

You enjoy fruitful rewards abundantly provided. 


Painting each picture brings,

Stirs emotions deep inside those around you. 


Each art museum you frequent, 

Opens your mind to new perspective. 


Have a Happy Birthday 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a friend. 

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2014 New Year's Eve


It was the year of fire.
The year of heartbroken.
The year I took back what was mine.
It was the year of restart.
The year of a new beginning.
The year of pain.
And a year of joy.
It was a new age & time.
It was the end of history.
It was the year everything changed.
The year is 2014.
The place is Here!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this sorta poem on New Year's Eve for the turn of 2014...

The idea I got it off a Sci-fi TV show that I admire, Babylon 5 in the part of the intro of Season 4. Here is the original from where I got the idea from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w560Q8ELOg

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April twentieth
Celebrate potheads

Smoke weed
Smoke hash
Ten minutes
Celebrating unity

Bong hits
Piping lifts

Rebelling clouds
Smoking hot-box
Drowned in weed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Celebrating 4:20. A day for Smokers get to protest Legalization of Weed. Like it or don't. Some people do smoke weed.

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My love

A sweet sky overhead, winter over, past it’s due.
Time and again laughs follow, delighted in such victory.
Behind its wake such love and celebration,
the rose opens its first petal, the light shines through those stormy clouds.
Almost out of place, through it all and all.
My love...you’ve come back to me.
Venus turning its gaze,
the corridors filled with whispers of promise,
the storms moves away, then spring seems to enter the fray.
It’s as though we flaunt, a revolution of change of time.
We hold our love, we hold the night in our grasp,
beautiful now, coated stars warm and loving, filled with rewards,
dance blissful under a pale moonlight, prideful in our victory
Leaving behind, leaving the hate, leaving the fear,
my love...you’ve come back. Yes my love....you’ve come back

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Santa Says

Its Christmas soon,
Bring a smile to all like a moon,

Make one feel his day is great....
Give all your love by removing the hate...

Santa will loving come near and say,
“God loves you a lot by night and by day”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's in Santa's Heart!!

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235 years of independence

Today is July the 4th and millions of Americans are celebrating.
We got independence in 1776 and that's something I'm not understating.
Many people will be shooting fireworks tonight.
When I light my bottle rockets, they will take flight.
I'm really looking forward to firing off Roman Candles.
But fireworks can be dangerous if they're mishandled.
Celebrating the fourth of July sure does make a lot of sense.
For two hundred and thirty-five years we've had independence.

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