Ice and Flame

Vintage Words


A hot love affair that cools

is usually referred to by

descriptions of fire and ice.


Nature has a better use

for fire - wood burning

spaces that produce heat

when the weather goes

literally south.


Ice aka snow becomes ice

patches on the roads, snow

persons in the front yard,

and also in Time's Square

this year.


I wish I had stock in

a snow shovel company

or a glove factory. That

is the rationale behind why

my 20/20 hindsight got left

outside the garage tonight

most purposfully. I'll scrape

the ice off the salt bag








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it doesn't snow in our state

it doesn't snow in our state but it's too cold in here.. and we often use fire for some warmth.. i remember when i was a kid and used to bake potatos in it. hehe

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So Did We

Only it was setting dry leaves on fire and throwing potatoes in - getting them the next day and eating them cold. Crazy. Kids ~slc~


Lady A


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Lovely and chilly with plenty of Ice in your last few posts :)

Lovely and chilly with plenty of Ice in your last few posts :). In my spot it is scarcely 14 deg celsius at night. Only in the Kashmir valley and hills it is snowing. In the plains it is not at all cold. Can feel the chill of the frigid cruel winter of your blob through your icy words.Turn on the heat and hibernate till spring.




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Now, It is Spring

I tried hibernation, but kept waking up to send messages on postpoems. And to get messages from Kolkata. Soooo, now it's April 1, 2015 tomorrow, April Fool's Day - and I have no pranks up my sleeve - but we are expecting flurries overnight and the crocuses bloomed today in little pretty patches all over the lawn. Cold. Go figure! ~slc~


Lady A