Vintage Words


If the petals fall from my rose,

I lean sunward hoping nature

will send me strength enough

to tell the day that the stalk

may have leaned earthward,

but it is still standing 

and mostly green.











Author's Notes/Comments: 

Appreciating what I got left - oh youth, what I could do with you now - Wink ~allets~

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Greenhorns versus old haggards ... Nice & contemplative

Lovely post Respected Madam Allets.Greenhorns versus old haggards ... Nice & contemplative. Youth Respected Madam and other readers is only for four days. Old age can be alluring IF one can know how to enjoy its nectar. The years give experience opening the eyes and vision. Ill health however torments and oldies become jealous of youngies. When one has his/her own grandchildren that's when another youth begins. One can talk nonsense freely to a toddler." I want your ponytail.. if you don't give me I'll start crying" Immediately the toddler clutches onto her tiny ponytail and looks with fearful eyes..... The flipside is that the mind runs faster than the body.In our part we believe in "Karma" or duty till the last breath. ~Your~friend~scrabbler~the~scribbler



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Thanks Bish

my sister has four great grandkids - they are youth encouraging. About youngies, they envy our problem solving wisdom and our ability to cope with stress. We ROCK!!!!!!

Lady A


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I'm with you all the way on

I'm with you all the way on this one, the less time you have, the faster it flees.  And the outside ages faster than the inside, sadly. X

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Not So Sadly

I have earned each wrinkle, each blemish, each wound healed over - but I agree - maintaining a youghtful "inside" may be one of the ingredients for longevity - I wish you long life and a youthful internal landscape, sweetwater - slc



Lady A