The Wind is Never Too Late

Wayward Motions

The Wind is never too late
Minutes and hours may pool into an endless shadow clock
but She cares not for the tick tock tick tock
She has been cast into many worlds
With no hope to ever unfurl

Ravaged with unrest
We seek Her company but know not what is best
For Her

She curls Her arms in a lover's embrace
We reach out in hope
We leave with despair

To Her
we are a ghost of live's past
we are a measure of time She cannot understand
we become dust in Her shapeless lands

And yet... the Wind is never too late
She casts Her endless touch
Hoping        needing        yearning

She is here
She is now
She is always
(The past cannot present itself
when the future was never there)

Sadness beckons, widens, and burdens
And like a loose cannon
we shoot out into the distance
reaching out for anything

To hold
To conquer
To master
To love

But, The Wind... She knows
She is never too late
She catches our follies when we become one with the daisies
She carries our songs which blankets those worlds
She chronicles our stories and heralds them across endless sands

The Wind is here
The Wind is now
The Wind is always

For us
For Her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After returning from a trip to the mountains I am finding myself in unrest. I miss the wind across my face. I miss the serenity of the forests. I miss many things and yet I aim to adjust the sails of reality and move forward. Hopefully, soon.

He Came, He Saw, I Conquered!

He came, he saw,

But before even letting him know,

Of my ambition, my dreams preferred,

 I conquered!


He looked at me with eyes wide open,

So was his mouth even,

As if he saw a ghoul from Arabian mythology,

After his ears received the news of my victory.


Yes, I came out triumphant like Achilles,

Saying ‘he came, he saw, I conquered!’ with ease.

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Tail Of The Bull




Flaunt your muleta,

Wave every last drop of bravado,

And saunter flirtatiously by,

I watch in the stands,

 And wait for the right moment.


You catch a glimpse,

My heart sings a spanish love song,

And turning towards the stands where I sit,

As if to sing the words only we know,

I hear the last note above the roaring crowds,

"Toro! Toro! Toro!"

I feel the hook that pierced

My beating heart upon our last kiss.


And another bull is slain,

With the mastery only your lovers truly know,

 I turn away my bleeding heart!!

Look for me--!

I won't be there,




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Inspired by dove's

And Ssmoothie's

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A Pathway

there is a mountain that must be passed
there is a way that must be conquered
Travel through the perilous path, leads to freedom, leads to life
Only those who dare to risk, only those who dare to cry


There's another route that stirs attention
It calls out against the moon in the darkness of the night
Whispers gently to the people, prays upon weakness, then bids unfortunate goodbye
Seek to follow, seek to listen, fall prey against the morning light


A choice must be made and the choice must be followed
strum on with ambition, or slip short to desire
May perish or triumph, yet emerge the same, you cannot
Its a journey, we're all born to go, just a bit more than forty degrees below


Meant for me, and meant for others, there's certain peril that lies ahead
Who we are and how we're set, will forge a stone within our chest
Don't heed lightly to my warning, don't drown a fool without first walking
its up to us to rise or fall in the bitter face of it all

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my ode to brotherhood division entitled 'terrorists being grown'

belief system


To grow anything

Love; suffering

require ingredients

catalyst; circumstance


terrorists being grown

abroad and home

an alarming rate

bred with hate


Christian or Sharia

all should care

brothers and sisters

Reside everywhere


brotherhood of man

natural born magicians

loving not hating

no brother berating


reality very different

not heaven sent

controllers in shadows

maximizing humanity blows


Divide and Conquer

not much longer

Humanity coming back

with vengance; Fact


karma checks, balances

ensures all circumstances

pay for actions

should give satisfaction


loving life; sanctified

ensures your life

mantains its vibration

also empire nations


karmic there too

effecting you?

ask, your country

ever been nazi?


keep spreading light

on humanity's side

finding your truth

really help you

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Mali; divide and conquer

current affairs

Sensless loss of life

At the Mali divide

West’s propping up

Their puppet junta

Throughout Africa

Divide and conquer


The west must have

An africa Lion sad

Africa lion roaring

Got to be kidding

Been raped for ages

Divided with hate


Gadaffi of Africa

Chief of all Chiefs

Distributing wealth

To the needy

Replaced by puppets

Central banking; Stop it


Foot in the door

No carers at the core

More concerned with money

Than supporting the needy

Prsaying on weakness

Humanity: Selfishness


Bot always that way

Selfishness and hate

Hacked like a PC

We were: Humanity

Everything re-sets soon

Then a humanity boon


Too far fetched?

Barriers in your head

Good to be hiopeless

Far more positive

Always saying maybe

Replaced with definitely

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Failure Is Not An Option

I will not bend

I will not break

I will push forward

I will survive

I will not fail

Failure is not a word it is a feeling

This feeling will not apply to me

With one step at a time I will conquer

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