Smile Then

Vintage Words


Find the thing that makes you smile,

then do it a lot. Smile all the time

of course people will wonder

what you are up to, but that's okay.

Happiness has a price.


Sing, dance, remember what

joy as a child felt like. Children do

what they want and have no guilt

or sense of danger. That's care free

and it can be found.


If you can not find happiness or

it's precursor, smiling, invent irony

then make a joke and chuckle. The

rest is merely a matter of mirth

that makes you dance and sing

then smile.







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Life is just too short

Life is just too short

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5 Year Late Reply

Yes it is. I looked in the mirror and smiled. Now it is a habit. :) slc

Lady A


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Thank you Respected Madam Allets for the wonderful words

Thank you Respected Madam Allets for the wonderful words.At 62 I appreciate every bit of it.Stored permanently in my CPU.Wondery start to 2014.



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Central Processing Unit

I was hoping for a wonderly start - This is going to be a fun year, Mssr Bishy - Let the poetry begin! ~Lady A~



Lady A