I woke up

Like it all happened

In a dream


We went out

To do the wash


Just a regular

Thursday night

Only difference was

That he was there


No one ever offered

To help me fold my panties before

Let alone a man

Let alone in such a public place

During a first time meeting


I should have been offended

Most often would have been

But it was the way 






Wtf I don't even know what I'm saying

If only he hadn't asked me for my phone number

Or if only I hadn't given it to him


If only he hadn't called

And plastered me

Up into this floating bubble

Dimension 'BLISS'


That unforgettable kiss

Sent the world around me 

Twirling into wherever I am

And then...


He left

And his scarf stayed

So I know he'll call

Because it's one of those

Expensive ones


Doused in a cologne

I have never smelled before

Or if I did

It wasn't his

And it sure

Didn't send me here

To this nirvanic plane


The only thing I can

Wonder is if

I'll ever be the same


Waiit a minute...


What's his name???? !!! 


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This is a poem that gives an example about how fast "it" can happen....and we hardly ever think it's what it is. 9 times out of ten peopke think it's falling in love. It's falling alright, but it has little to do with love. and phermones... shoulda named it cologne and phermones... ;-)

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Defining Love

I often hear about love at first sight..
Some people like to believe it's the only kind of love that will forever last.
But isn't becoming infatuated with someone at eye contact like handing your soul to the devil without a signed contract?

I don't know much about love,
But at some point everybody gets that one feeling that they can't get rid of.
All it takes is one person to make you feel fragile,
And like Sean Kingston said, a beautiful girl could have you suicidal.

I remember that night, when she caught my attention spontaneously..
She had the ability to excite and give me stage fright simultaneously.
I thought if i approached her and played my cards right, maybe she'll be mine..
Or at least i might stay on her mind overnight, but i figured she was probably too smart to fall for my punch line.

You can say she had my mind gone from the start and a simple "hello" from her would've been the correct cure.
Or maybe she'll resent me and that'd be too much pain for the heart,
But i won't stop trying until i put together the perfect picture,
Where it's just me and her.

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