Simple Thoughts

"So fleeting,

the feelings that need to be written,

so we try,

lest we forget,


because we can end the story

right here.




But the writer didn't quit,

there's more than just words

to be conveyed,



So coast,

let the feelings become a little older,

bolder, embolden the taste

and let your mind


slip into space

where much will be needed,

actual space,

for too much had happened today,


looking for a place to be.

Matter of fact,

every little thing

had it's own story,


poetry to be painted for,

but the encompassing tone

is the gratuity of it all,

the gravity of thanks,


given time and again,

and how that can make

heartfelt words

turn empty.


A day

full of so many happenings

can dilute

the flavor of each herb;


the finite details 

of a singular moment

crowded by 

too many spices.


The palate becomes overwhelmed,

tastes come all sides, 


assaulted with bitter flavors,


or salty experiences. 

Even the savory, slow

succumbing to sweet memories

can lead to sour smiles.


Too strong a concentration

on the subject of flavor,

and you lose the whole picture,

the entire day.



parading down the street,

or a humble pawn in the presence

of greatness,


balance is best

to appreciate the meal, if you will.

To appreciate every moment,

and the entire day they build."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A day full of so many flavors can distract your appreciation for the entire day itself.

Life is, as is Time

The time goes down

The age goes up
Neither to be stopped
Yearnings to be found
Plans to be made
What is it missing
The timeline of life
Time never ends yet always begins
No time is wasted in life, only choices made
Why regret
Why stress
When the decision is life
Every instantaneous still of life's path is beautiful in itself 
For life is not determined in our decisions, life is lived
Lived between
Lived before 
Lived after
Lived through
Life is simple
Why consider life to be past, present or future
Life is not but what it is
The course of our adventure in the limited perpetualance of time
Life is relationships
Life is mistakes
Life is accomplishments
Life is pain
Life is sorrow
Life is all that can be
Ones purpose is to be their life
To see all that there is to see
In every image
In every heart 
In life
While our limited, enigmatically wondrous gift of life is given to us
We must
Author's Notes/Comments: 

First draft

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ebb, flow, undertow

feelings that lie without reference
beneath an expressionless face ,
unidentified and vagrant in a netherworld,
an emptiness that once held a story of fanciful flight,
landing in the disintigration of it's height,
once bursting at the seams with vibrance and light,
now, it's song sung, the story told,
the flame dies, the illumination grows cold,
and time stands by, undaunted by it's eviction,
in observance of the dimming presence,
although, no affliction,
a pithy moment in time
ends in apathetic ambiguity,
and time moves on,

cackling in it's obscurity.







3:16 AM 5/12/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the tides of change can show no mercy.

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Seized the Moments

In the early hours, we did journey,

Reached the destination swimming amid the air,      

Each one of us tasted unrivaled pleasure,

Distances took a leave momentary.


The moments, of the entire, got mingled as one,

Making history inside the very heart of history,

Not a soul was in any hurry,

To bid goodbye to the split seconds of fun.


If truth be told, it was a day, special,

Alive with respect and friendship, nothing superficial.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to all the colleagues and students of the English department of Sylhet International University (SIU), Sylhet, Bangladesh who made 'yesterday' a day to be cherished forever.

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I know there were others
That came before me
Just like you know
That there were others before you
This is how it is, can’t you see

But I wouldn’t have
It any other way
Because they made us
Who we are in this moment
So I wouldn’t want it any other way

So this love is ours
Just ours, so lets make it happen
Marriage and children are out
But even still, lets have everything
So we cannot be misshapen

So we will stand strong
And stand together
Because I know
Any storm, any storm
Together, we can weather

Let’s keep our love stable, strong
Because it’s where I belong
In your arms
Where I can be held tight
Where nothing can be wrong

Let us be together for,
Lets start with, 5,000,000 hours
And we’ll go from there
We will see what this world can do
For us, because this love is ours

Written on
August 7, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another for Tom Neville. He is my Babadee, and I love him so. Need I say more?

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Today I really have with me,
The morning sun is bright to see!

All plans for today, I must work well,
I must begin my day with a prayer that I always tell..

I pray that today, I am focused deeply on my goal,
I pray that I do well in every role…..

Life can be best lived, by living for Today
Plan for tomorrow, but live each day!

Today if I bring a smile and happiness along!
My life will join moments of smiles that will turn into melodious song..

If today my goal is to be happy,
The Today and Tomorrow,
Will hold no sorrow……

As I am determined to be happy come what may…………….
I will always carry thoughts that say,
Let there be troubles today, but I see life as a blessing!

Troubles over time have made me so tough and strong,
That a solution to problems comes easily,
As “I believe nothing can go wrong!!”

So live in Today with the fullest you can give!!!
As the beauty of life, is seen in every moment you live!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"An approach to Real Living"

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The magic's in the moments
we never want to end.
We closed our eyes
beneath the skies
and watched the moonlight bend.

The magic's in the moments
we feel within our hearts.
I opened mine-
and just in time
to watch a shooting star.

The moments become magic
when everything is right.
The rising sparks
turned into stars
then faded into night.

I start to feel the magic
when you hold me warm and close.
You're fast asleep-
your breathing deep-
our faces nose to nose.

I feel the magic living
as I watch the moon go down.
But the end begins
as the sun ascends
and starts to wake the town.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know it doesn't sound finished, but I kinda don't think I ever want to. It suits the moment it describes this way.

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