Flaming the Green Faerie


  He soaks his cube in Brandy,

Keeping his special spoon handy.

Then Flames upon flames,

Igniting the cube is a dandy.


A drink for the fiend

Tis Bohemian Green,

The chalice,  The Glass,  the tincture.

Sugar cube in,

The louche begins 

And the fairy swims in the nectar.


Drink if you dare to be merry,

Nothing like sipping a Sherry.

For when you cook the Absynthe right

You’ll be a fool of the Faerie.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

More of a recipe tutorial, I suppose..

dont knock it till you try it.

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Sahara Noir


  I have stood Barefoot in the sun 

Wading through the blushing shallows

In the  Oasis of the Ahaggar Mountains.

My chest is hard and brown.

I have collected the tears Of the Boswellia Sacra 

as they mourn the early Dawn Sun.

I have intoxicated my self,

Consuming the hot molten rum of Dates And Myrrh.

And carelessly wandered off 

In the Perils of the blistering sun.

At nighttime, 

When the moon casts its heavy cool glow

The Ancient Temples burn away the tears

A hot languid incense steams

From the burning sands 

showing you the way. 

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Something Weird Has Happened

I just got back from the shack out in the Woods ‘cause I thought it could be cool to rule the local wild for a while,
maybe bring a smile to my fairly funky face,
but it went sour
my aurum power proved dour after too few hours.

If only digestion didn’t have a bias
against the trials of King Midas,
gold causes me severe gastritis,
in agony, alone in the silence,
I had to make an alliance
with the mire I might become buried in,
and only the syrups of sin,
that is, whiskey and gin,
had the rights of alchemy to enter me.

Was so wasted on rye that I learned to fly
from a raccoon that I raced to the Moon,
she won, even went to the Sun, 
“Don’t burn up, hon!”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Turning things to gold isn't glamorous ~ Carmello Yello

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tRoublEd EtheR

A troubled EldeR from lands

far, flat, and dull,
grew an EyE
for exhaustion.
Monochrome modern monotony had taken its toll.

As breath tugged him
in its cool gentle waves,
and his tongue tasted upon
the wind’s pursuits;
an EtheR formed within.
In front.
Behind. Aside.

At dinner
he sat & he sipped
on a prescription
mystic’s brew
of Mush & Mellow.
Lost fountains
became him
as his stomach eased
into the spiraling reality
brought forth
by the antidotes.

The senses erupted,
Transformation, Manifestation,
an Elegant dance
of the melodic suicide with
Fear and Ego.

There were Visions
of the Ancient Trees
that have outlived,
the mess of reason,
to bring forth recognition of trade
perpetual sources shared;
he called It.

Entrancing Essence
took his Shape:
dipped It into delicate Light,
painted It onto induced Exposure.
This EldeR combined the EtheR
with a numbing Tourniquet
that slowed thoughts
to Utter Stillness.

When the man awoke,
his mouth was dry with dust,
his bodily cloth had
transitioned with age,
but the Remedy had
left its mark.

This new Midnight sage
wore a
traveler’s grin,
questions of sin.
became Him
and All.

The Village & Its people
in the misty trails,
mouthing mantras
with each crash of thunder,
And the Sage partly with them
as an
otherworldly presence
the Colourful landscapes
of the living and dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

REath: Heart, Earth, the art

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Traversing the worst terrain
the crust is veined and stained
by the binary brain system,
but I see some distant twisted vistas
colored by crystals,
covered by mystic thistles
with little meteor missiles 
hitting the moons above,
I was in love…
Sad that I 
had this iridescent
event of bliss broken
by the splatter of the Hatter’s 
Mercury Flurries 
upon grey matter,
now the circuitry is in disarray 
and I’m flattered by the way 
you hate me.

Tirelessly Training
maintaining my whole grain insanity,
my humanity,
I’m positive that the cause of it
is this Pearlescent Pear Wine,
it’s the definition of divine.
Please remedy, sit steady,
so ready to recline
and read some lines
to the fading

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll never get the chance to travel into outer space, but at least we'll always have a deep inner one. ~ Carmello Yello [Alex] 


Stall this moment
until luck brings me to sleep,
that shimmering silver essence
he spys it Looking Out and back In again.
Fruiting this companionship,
the pulsing groove of the pathway,
the yellows———————-the blues—————————–the reds
and the intensity of the rest;
the best
is next
to enter and take root.

There’s the Dosed Decency,
yep, right back here, and how cute as she
Raises the temperature of my spinal fluid;
an emotional pleasure
from this rainbow measure
removes the ten-thousand pieces
and flies them Distant to be
Lost out deep,
with the Limestone Comets.

It’s a residue from the experience
gashing realities to the 
vulnerable throat.
peaceful peripheral Visions
of the
dagger-done stomache fissions
as I wander wearing this moth-eaten coat.
Too Tired
to complain, to feel, to think,
& who’s to believe our doG can grieve?
He’s probably just playing the trifles
of the rhythmic Hand.
Doing it to stifle
the stumbling
of my mumbling
as my Fingers graze
with absolute treachery,
the Far-out gnarled coral branches
of flavors ————- force-fed epiphanies
that fill the Empty bottle
we all call Home.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's generally a great time and experience, but there's always a dark side.
If you're having a bad time~Just turn that trip into a trip~ Get your soul out the door!

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Next Lifetime

I find it unbearable 
to   look,
at   times,
 a beauty so fair 
my eyes  
should  not 
contain  nor
      spy .    
         pink foot-prints  
      dance a lovely dance 
 across my grey brain,
   and your scent
      plays chase 
          with my pen.
Maybe next lifetime.
For in this
    life that we're in,
      I find it hard 
        to ignore
      If this force that I feel
     Is some time portal 
and your body;  
once mine 
to explore
   until that day;
   may I bask in the embrace
                 of your 
eyes                                from afar?
                   your mind
          do you              long for
                   the    same ? 
I have felt eternitys blue eyes
   tip   toe   up    my    spine.
So              maybe
 ill see you   next lifetime;     
Ive got
to chill  
 and the 
of the  
 dont be late.
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Titles are for squares

This sweet cesspool hastens me to death

Feel my fading life and fleeting breath

I hope in the end; certainty of what was meant

And until then, I reject social constructs

I implore you look up!

What are we a smaller part of?

Some intricate tapestry, it could be ANYTHING

Entertain the thought, and lose your 'sanity'

Think for yourself, don't blindly follow

Or you may regret it on the morrow

After you've lead your life as though it were prescribed

And never once pondered the nature of the ride༄

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by mescaline...I'm committed not addicted

"The eye of a human being is a microscope, which makes the world seem bigger than it really is"

-Khalil Gibran