calling it love (yet involving cultural variances)

skyscrapers, tall buildings, city buildings, commercial buildings, etc.








calling it love (yet involving cultural variances)





it's as if they know—

how to lift their wings
to fly



only to be able to reach
that glorious blue sky




it's when city dreamers
really, really
could dream high


yet trying to go on their
own particular ways—
not even finding relief, sigh!
would you still hold me
until the golden dawn?

tell me what year are we now, again?
we're here, olden.. but then
we still have  
fallen apart, as you joked

—that you bleed—
(unrequited love?)

that's how we
pass the blame to reality
but really, it could just be
an untranslatable word

for perfect love




mere affinity—







 skyscrapers, high rise buildings, city buildings, built environment, etc.

untitled (true music)








untitled (former working title: true music)





as if one have
all the value judgements

in this—


tribulation period,



if only wind
instruments were
invented to share
a message, —


would souls
truly speak
in the present moment?



time & its insignificance





like metanoia
—a paradigm shift—
suddenly, anxiety
changing one's drift





from kabbalah
to phonetics
linguistics, semantics
hermeneutics of the Torah


from ancient

to the renaissance

what more can
one presage?









if a believer

prays to a false God

[of an othered religion]

permitted but








wronged sainthood






senile syllogisms & oblivion



















—Truly righteous.  But...

No better than a mystic

Ah, divine nature...


Haqueian Verse


A mystic,

I think at times,

Being secluded,



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When will I Meet?

When will I meet,

The One I have long been waiting for?

Cries my aching soul like Lalon,

And as Jalaluddin Rumi becomes mystic therefore!


You are everywhere,

In the fragrance of the rose,

In the bountiful sky and seeking You,

Far and wide my heart goes!


Someday, somewhere when You I will encounter,


I will laugh like a mad man at each doubter!    

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Paha Sapa

How I remember you

My sacred Paha Sapa

A living breathing landscape

Mountains rising like towers

Rocky ridges the perfect altar

For solitary prayers and ritual

This divine earth evolving

Devolving, revolving

Always in a great majestic arc

The circle that marks everything

The circle symbolized by the moon

The sun

The earth

The planets

The stars

The seasons

Day, night, dawn, dusk

Birth, death and eternity

And your beautiful porcelain face

Your round eyes the shrine where I kneel

I rested quietly upon a stony ridge

Contemplating the meaning of life

Taking in the fragrant scent of pine

And listening to the rustling breeze

Stars glittered and flickered

Brittle in the distant heavens

The Milky Way finally rejoiced

As we were once again as one

Just beyond the firelight and glowing embers

Sparks flew gracefully like summer fireflies

A glorious ancient cadmium moon rose up

Ascending the quinacridone eastern horizon

Each passing cumulonimbus a brush stroke

The mercurial silver moon a  masterpiece

And now just listen..

To the frigid rapids of tiny streams

And the placid surface of rocky pools

Reflecting a myriad of luminous ancestors

Roaming freely across the incandescent heavens

Rejoicing just before the first light of dawn

As morning burns away the blinding afterimage

Of translucent ephemeral dreams of love

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The Mystical Epiphany

Long lost love...

The thawed earth cracked like brittle glass, beneath midnight footsteps, familiar strangers shattering such peaceful solitude.  You were light years away.  Gray cracked branches grappled like outstretched arms for the glittering March stars just outside the shadows of firelight.  The crescent moon rested gracefully in a beautiful and brilliant arc across a haunted coyote howling landscape like a majestic unfinished painting.  In this immense mercurial silence I thought about you and I, the hurt, the loss, the emptiness and everything in between.  The frigid breath of a spirit hunter painted the blank canvas of the Illinois sky like the flickering remnants of effervescent daylight .  The living night heaved it's regret, purging itself like weightless embers that float like shooting stars above the restless leafless valley below.  She said it's so beautiful, every mesmerizing sound, ghostly sight, and fragrant scent, her longing awakening my soul to a lonesome quiet mystical epiphany.  In the indigo shadows that remain of the waxing and waning night, I await the vermillion dawn, traumatized by this immortal coil, I unravel memories and thoughts, screaming at the decaying flames of the useless fires of the past.  You see, I swam across cerulean oceans blue, only for you, and now I'm drowning in this decrepit defeat.  In flowing golden fields under the half-light of late afternoon, I walk with you even though you are no longer here.  I climb the mountains and hills, slide down these mud soaked cliffs just for you, but you'll never see.  I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere, but never who you want me to be.

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The Perception of Unknowing

A crescent moon, through distant fields, it is finally the month of July.  Marshall County, fragrant pine and lonesome summer.  I miss my brother.  Dreams ascend like spirits into the silver midnight.  In the clearing, a séance among forgotten friends.  Day-dreams, vermillion skies, and indigo could never be, as good as you.  Why do you conceal, your thoughts like a distant shoreline, hidden among ghost-like mists.  Shadows uncoil beneath your eyes,  like a stranger I've never known, who are you, who will you be, who could you be?  Do you recognize me, in the gathering filtered light of dawn.  Dusk melts deceit from the scarlet horizon, sacred like the eastern sky.  Love floods the mind like oblivion, drowning consciousness in the metamorphosis of the soul.  I have known so many, so many to falter and fall, fade in misconception, deception, the perception of the unknowing.  But I have learned to ride, let it fade, let it go like a kite, like a comet across the Milky Way sky like freedom on this amorphous mystical night.


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