Run Away In October

Vintage Words


I look at autumnal leaves falling. The sky

darkens with gloom. The feet twitch

to move faster, to find green grass growing

or any flowers not dying.


October is the hour to leave,

dropping all the activities of summer,

fleeing from this time zone

alone, wanting the company

of migrating birds.


And so you run from the coming cold

because the passion that was growth

and greenery is gone. Run from frosted

fields and frosted breath. Flee faster

like a disgruntled child.


Panting hard and running fast, bid

fair winds to October and welcome winter.

Run faster, gymshoes neatly tied. Become

a seasonal leaper who knows that

leaving is impossible. It is merely time

to break out the galoshes.








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A very nice read. I'll join

A very nice read. I'll join you in the sprint. Winter will soon be here again.

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Light Winter 2014

It is January 4th and finally less than an inch of snow. None of Christmas - an answer to someone's prayer probably. Or global warming is not a myth and yes, I want to don my gymshoes and run. You are welcome to come - let's head South to sunshine in Florida - :D - A

Lady A


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Dedicated To Cevance

a sprinter across seasons. U R missed.

- Lady A -

Lady A