To the storm and sea

Volume Three


To the storm and sea.


         As I sit listening to the rain it slowly washes away my soul.

Eroding my humanity till there is nothing but a pitch black hole.

I watch as time manifests into my own reaper, close my eyes and sink in ever deeper.

“We mock ourselves, tease and tempt the worst parts of our self

and with bold convictions you secretly lust for help but remain silent.”

        Where did it all go wrong? Tracing it as far back as a child.

The choices I've made quite lavish, downright unbridled.

Head first down the rabbit hole, simply one goal, to save what was left of my soul.


        Ecstasy found in just one bite. Now I question that very mark.

Closing my eyes as the rain washes away more of my heart.

That clam storm will continue to reign until everything turns gray.

Staring into the eyes of my reaper and see my reality in decay

driving fast with no open roads cluttered with the fragments of the forgotten.

Those moments of time now lost to the Ether, faded from my reality.

Lost my muse who gave me understanding to all this crazy

and once again I find myself lost to the storm and sea.

To easy to drown with no anchor in sight

close my eyes and fade in a flicker of light.

Speeding down my rainbow road hard and fast, cheap and dirty looking for my wall.

Crooked on a straight line, I smile at my shame, waiting for that day I fall.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First piece I've done in awhile. Not sure if have lost my desire to write or not.

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