Painting On The Wall

Vintage Words


Where to put you where you would

encourage greatest possible vantages

and view point percentages. Where

you match the ceiling and wallpaper, 

where you could gleam like the eye

of Ra.


Abstract appeal appreciated anywhere,

your song is cubic as a Picasso rip-off.

A maze meant to conquer the intellect

where the sense of order imposes engma

and loses that war infinitely.










Author's Notes/Comments: 

After my Charlie Bostic cubist painting confiscated from the basement guest bathroom and put in my room/office. :D slc

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Astral_Tides's picture

Rich lines here. Adventageous

Rich lines here.

Adventageous is the abstract eye.

There is something beautifully elegant sewn of this place you speak from.

You bring the reader there, right beside you, contemplating perfect chaos.

... or maybe, its just me.

Decadent share.

"The stars awaken a certain reverence, because though always present, they are inaccessible; but all natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence." R.W.E.


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Perfect Chaos

Almost an oxymoron, right? - AT it's good to know ya - I like the notion of bringing the reader to stand beside me - muah! A comment I can use and enjoy ~A~



Lady A