Monthly Archive for June 2012

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Get A Grip Poem StandInThaRain Jun 1st
It's annoying that you even pissed me off enough to write this Poem StandInThaRain Jun 1st
prime truth. Poem SSmoothie 2 prime truth. Jun 1st
Virginia Tech Dedication Poem Fallen_Cloud 4 Eidolon, massacre, Reality, Reflection Jun 1st
Clearing Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriend, clear minds, consorting, love, no more Jun 1st
Swampy Delight Poem Anonymous Message warmth love and hope Jun 1st
you Poem charlee.evans Jun 1st
All When You Were Drinking Poem StandInThaRain 1 Abuse, Hope, tough Jun 1st
Manic Success Poem Sivus weird Jun 1st
Dance Studio Poem HMBarnes98 dance music love passion Jun 1st
Still Standing Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Roadtrip Poem AirAm Jun 1st
The Vow Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Swapping Paints Poem deepblue 3 Jun 1st
Rumbling... Poem catherine Jun 1st
A moment of impact Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Collision Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Moments like this Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Lay where they may (Memories) Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Poetry saved my life Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Love come to life Poem AirAm 2 Jun 1st
Unknown Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Vexed Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Time Poem Creat Jun 1st
Let This... Poem Creat Jun 1st
Side Sitter Poem Creat Jun 1st
Employ Poem Creat Jun 1st
Mate of the Soul? Poem Creat Jun 1st
Tears Poem Creat 2 Jun 1st
Nursery Rhyme Poem Creat 2 Jun 1st
Teacher Charity Poem Creat Jun 1st
Separate Ways Poem Creat 2 Jun 1st
The Shooting Off Of One’s Mouth Poem Creat 1 Jun 1st
Boner Benevolence Poem Creat 4 Jun 1st
Natural Selection Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Back the fuck up Hoe Poem Tormented1 3 Jun 1st
Rain Poem ADAPT Jun 1st
Our Justice System Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 1st
If you cared Poem AirAm Jun 1st
we all bleed red Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Quickening Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Rapid bites. Poem ADAPT 1 Jun 1st
X-ray Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Zoo Poem AirAm Jun 1st
Singing by your side Poem AirAm Jun 1st
U made a difference Poem AirAm 1 Jun 1st
Standing on the Edge Poem -_Nebula_- Jun 1st
Post poem apologie Poem Matterspeck Jun 1st
Philosophizing intellectual Poem Matterspeck Jun 1st
I You We Poem Tormented1 Jun 1st
Keys to Paradise Poem Tormented1 Jun 1st
chill. Poem SSmoothie 4 Jun 1st
misery ills Poem SSmoothie Jun 1st
capture or kill Poem SSmoothie 6 Jun 1st
You Know Poem Tormented1 2 Jun 1st
Choose When I Have No Choice Poem LovingLovelace Jun 1st
Be Honest With A Nice Guy Poem Silver__lining Jun 1st
could Poem charlee.evans Jun 1st
On Ice Poem Silver__lining Jun 1st
CLEAN SLATE by bipolarschizo33 (excerpt from future book) Poem i_love_a_scotsman fresh start, Redemption Jun 1st
Perfection Poem littlefire4784 Jun 1st
Until I Met You Poem littlefire4784 Jun 1st
Devotion To You Poem littlefire4784 Jun 1st
Forever Poem littlefire4784 Jun 1st
Before Bed Poem littlefire4784 Jun 1st
Ruined My fun Poem littlefire4784 Jun 1st
When Mandy was there. Poem rbpoetry Jun 1st
Oort Clouds Don't Rain Poem -_Nebula_- Jun 1st
All you could ever do Poem BillCassady Jun 2nd
Sunglasses Poem BillCassady Jun 2nd
OF THE FLESH Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 2nd
With You Poem foreverphoenix heartbreak, loss, love, sadness Jun 2nd
Broken Poem foreverphoenix broken, Love Betrayl Jun 2nd
Teardrops Falling Poem foreverphoenix betrayed love, heartbreak, Pain Jun 2nd
Four W's Poem foreverphoenix Love joy, New Love Jun 2nd
Are we still friends? Poem foreverphoenix disappointment secret love friendship pain Jun 2nd
No More Poem foreverphoenix believe, Courage, inpirational, Strength Jun 2nd
Super Woman Poem foreverphoenix Courage, dependant, Fear, Strength Jun 2nd
Failure Is Not An Option Poem foreverphoenix conquer, Failure, Fear, inner strength, sucess Jun 2nd
Moving Forward Poem foreverphoenix anger, difficult, growth, maipulation, moving forward, Pain Jun 2nd
Equilibrium Poem adriannemerideth 3 Jun 2nd
The God, The People and The Child Poem Go-a-Green-a Jun 2nd
Arise and Soar Poem foreverphoenix 2 arise, breaking free, moving forward, soar, Strength Jun 2nd
WORRIED AND AFRAID Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 2nd
thorn. Poem SSmoothie 2 Jun 2nd
The Void Mirror (Chapter 11) Poem ADAPT Jun 2nd
RICHNESS by bipolarschizo33 Poem i_love_a_scotsman gaining knowledge, Hopeless True Love, money needs Jun 2nd
WHAT R WE LOOK N 4 by bipolarschizo33 Poem i_love_a_scotsman hope love relationships, open eyes, social media Jun 2nd
Sleep Poem Irockpoker 1 -LovePoem- Jun 2nd
A part of my life Poem postuaa Jun 2nd
Nothing New Poem cevance a web of time Jun 2nd
irockpoker Poem Irockpoker poker Jun 2nd
Double Doggie Dare You Poem OhHai Dares Jun 2nd
Untitled Poem OhHai appearances, Looks Jun 2nd
Untitled Poem OhHai Hidden side Jun 2nd
Evolution Poem OhHai Jun 2nd
সবুজ নেই Poem shawon1982 Jun 2nd
Untitled Poem OhHai Not ok Jun 2nd
Standing Poem OhHai not giving up Jun 2nd
Have you thanked a VET today? Poem Irockpoker Military/Patriotism Jun 2nd
Filthy, Wicked, Evil Youth Poem theloudervoice Jun 2nd
MY DEEP S88T (With Tartar Sauce) part 3 by bipolarschizo33 Poem i_love_a_scotsman Life dream hero reality impossible dreamer mystery black and white Jun 2nd
TOM CRUISE DIALOGUE Poem i_love_a_scotsman Celebrity Jun 2nd
::Fortunate One:: Poem roxyanna77 Jun 2nd
Am I Not Enough Poem cassiebee 2 Jun 2nd
A Window To My Soul Poem Seraphim 2 Apathy, Christ, Christian, death, Depression, doom, God, guilt, Life, love, past, revelation, sadness, the end times, the future, the past Jun 2nd
The Fall of Lucifer Poem Seraphim 1 Jun 2nd
war of wordss Poem SSmoothie 5 ARTS, human condition, reasons for wtiting, Writers Jun 2nd
LOVE IS THE MIGHTIER Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 2nd
Imagin Poem elliot_jordan2003 Jun 3rd
Internal Battles Poem reliefpoet09xx being lost, confusion, friendship, sadness Jun 3rd
A change for the worse Poem Snow 3 Depression, Hate, Life, my life, saddness Jun 3rd
Chemical Burns Poem ADAPT Jun 3rd
Time To Stand Opposed Poem trumpet7 Jun 3rd
I'm sorry Poem Krishna99 Jun 3rd
Its over Poem Krishna99 Jun 3rd
Break Poem Krishna99 Jun 3rd
Forbidden Poem Krishna99 1 Jun 3rd
Keep saying Poem Krishna99 Jun 3rd
Maybe change? Poem Krishna99 Jun 3rd
KIDNAPPER'S PARADISE? ( I SAY LOOK A LITTLE CLOSER) Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 3rd
Private Words Poem Beavis 8 Haiku Jun 3rd
Naturally short Poem SSmoothie 3 haiku?, nature, Short Poem. Jun 3rd
guilty Poem SSmoothie Jun 3rd
Fat and Blame Poem lostblonde72 bipolar disorder, blame, bones, borderline personality disorder, fat, happy, misery, soul Jun 3rd
fresh Poem SSmoothie Jun 3rd
be Trying Poem SSmoothie 1 Jun 3rd
This Is Your Only Chance Poem life_used_to_be... Jun 3rd
tears too late Poem SSmoothie loss, lost potential, lost time, wasted, wasted life. Jun 3rd
Best or nothing Poem faeriehuman Jun 3rd
the dirty Poem SSmoothie 1 Jun 3rd
NEWS VS PROPAGANDA Poem emmenay 1 Jun 3rd
The Eyes that watch from behind dark curtains Poem Shadow_season beliefs control generations Lust media power society Jun 3rd
Thankfulness - Senryu Poem blumentopf Jun 3rd
Sacred Encounter Poem blumentopf 1 Jun 3rd
The Ruins Poem Le'Vasseur 2 a picture from the past Jun 3rd
Removing Me. Poem ADAPT Jun 4th
The Harder We Love Poem lostblonde72 awakened, chemistry, compliment, desire, fire, gravity, Happiness, love, nirvana, Passion Jun 4th
Revolve Poem lostblonde72 desire, eat, Greed, Hunger, love, Lust, seed, want Jun 4th
Did You Know? Poem OhHai Dad issues Jun 4th
VIBRANT COLLAGE Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 4th
now and then Poem charlee.evans Jun 4th
Smelling the coffee Poem Anonymous 7 Warm living space and time vastness openess open mind Jun 4th
Never Poem theforgotten 1 Jun 4th
Lost for Forgiveness Poem brianc Apology heartbreak forgiveness Jun 4th
My Lovely Class - Class VII - G Poem areebapervez friendship Jun 4th
moving on Poem nomadic 1 Jun 4th
PRAYER BEFORE EATING SUPPER OF EVERYDAY LIFE by REESA WEBBER (pen name) Poem i_love_a_scotsman a journey in love, marriage, Prayer Jun 4th
barren. Poem SSmoothie 2 Jun 4th
OUR "BEST BUDDIES" Poem emmenay Friendship and contemplation Jun 4th
The Beautiful Undead Poem ♥CheyMarie♥ Jun 4th
Lithium Poem ♥CheyMarie♥ Jun 4th
Feeding Stingrays In Castaway Cay Poem thisisme789 2 feeding stingraya, Vacation Jun 4th
নিদাঘ Poem shawon1982 Jun 4th
Take Me With You Poem LovingLovelace 1 Jun 4th
TRUTH'S POWER Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 4th
I Didn't Win a Prize 2012 Poem areebapervez 1 Jun 4th
I Keep a Bottle Hidden Poem dare2dream 2 Jun 4th
Breakup: A Bitter Poem of Sarcastic Good Times Poem Rebasand breakups, cheat, Heartache, heartbreak, hurt, love Jun 4th
into black velvet night, the black velvet night Poem 9inety Jun 4th
Change Yourself Poem metaphorist Jun 4th
Firework Poem metaphorist Jun 4th
Epiphany Poem metaphorist Jun 4th
I Love You Poem metaphorist Jun 4th
Memorable Prize-Distributions Prose areebapervez Jun 4th
Let's get out of here Poem AirAm Jun 5th
Still Bath Poem Sivus Absence, Life, Nihilism, Peace, self Jun 5th
Your the right kind of wrong Poem AirAm Jun 5th
Hooknose on Territory Poem Sivus Dialogue, fiction, Idea, random, witch Jun 5th
More than u know Poem AirAm Jun 5th
So Many Tries Poem AirAm Jun 5th
Of Plauge and Prejudice Poem Shadow_season Aliens Ancients Earth Extraterriestials Immigration religion Space spiritual Jun 5th
You Killed Me Poem AirAm Jun 5th
TATOO Poem AirAm 2 Jun 5th
Unfaithful Poem AirAm Jun 5th
Unorganized Poem AirAm Jun 5th
Heart And Soul Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
Heavenly Storm Poem CrazyCritter 5 Jun 5th
Feelings Poem AirAm Jun 5th
I'll Be Fine Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
Take The Time Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
My One And Only Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
Night At The Beach Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
Simple Things Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
Sweet Dreams of You Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
The Prince For Me Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
Moving On Poem AirAm Jun 5th
True Blue Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
Wish You Were Here Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
you Poem AirAm Jun 5th
wish Poem ErisStormMercyRain Jun 5th
I don't want to get to get to know you Poem AirAm Jun 5th
A Life Forgotten Poem MLongworth abuse unhappy misguided Jun 5th
The Second Time.. Poem workm Jun 5th
pheonex Poem ErisStormMercyRain Jun 5th
June Dance Poem jgupta 1 Gloomy, June, Lifts the spirit high, Sparrows Jun 5th
Mountain top travels Poem Fitzgerald 4 Jun 5th
I see Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 5th
We Can Make A Difference Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Jun 5th
Strength Poem MLongworth love Jun 5th
d Poem SSmoothie 1 Jun 5th
Sunrise at Twilight Poem Beavis 12 Jun 5th
BY Poem poewhit creative thoughts Jun 5th
Thankful Poem CrazyCritter Jun 5th
Snow-flakes Poem zesoundfacto 1 zesoundfacto Jun 5th
The Battle Against Alcohol Poem MLongworth Alcoholic downfall recovery Jun 5th
ROMANTIC SONG WRITER Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 5th
EX-HUMANITY Poem Solitary_Dreamer Jun 6th
CUT Poem Solitary_Dreamer Jun 6th
TORMENT AND BITTERNESS Poem Solitary_Dreamer 1 Jun 6th
PREPARE FOR THE END Poem Solitary_Dreamer 2 Jun 6th
SADNESS WITHOUT TEARS Poem Solitary_Dreamer Jun 6th
ALONE IN THE CROWD Poem Solitary_Dreamer 1 Jun 6th
MARKED Poem Solitary_Dreamer Jun 6th
The Cupboard Poem TornPieces 1 abuse hurt love sexual sadness Jun 6th
The soft suicide Poem Shadow_season death, dreams, Life, nightmares Jun 6th
My Freedom Poem foreverphoenix hope faith dream sun rainbow stars moon happiness freedom shine sweet blessing heart bright smile sea Jun 6th
The other side Poem Shadow_season dreams ghost innocence melancholy Mirror Reflection Jun 6th
All Alone Poem CrazyCritter Jun 6th
It Doesn't Matter Poem CrazyCritter 1 Jun 6th
My Own Love Song Poem AirAm Jun 6th
MY LIGHT Poem CrazyCritter Jun 6th
I Think I Want OUT! Poem AirAm Jun 6th
wishing Poem leon Jun 6th
COCK EYED OPTIMIST Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 6th
children Poem tinaschu Jun 6th
Do I exist? Poem LovingLovelace Jun 6th
Little Yellow Flower Poem thisisme789 2 flowers Jun 6th
Borderline Suffocation Poem lostblonde72 borderline personality disorder, BPD, layers, Lessons, Pain, patience, pleasure, time Jun 6th
Glacial Glint Poem furgeson1 Jun 6th
summer Poem juliothegreat Jun 6th
Random Thoughts number two Poem sansiro Reality, truth. Jun 6th
I AM GOD'S SUCCESSOR Poem emmenay Inspirational with a tinge of romance and complete belief in God Almighty Jun 6th
<3 Poem theforgotten Jun 6th
Love Poem Seraphim 1 cry, do i know you., Forgiveness, happy, hurt, I remember you, joy, love, Pain, relationship, romance, sad, second chance, strange Jun 6th
Stupid Girl Poem babe1233 Jun 6th
? Prose thisisme789 Book idead Jun 6th
Stained Glass Poem metaphorist Jun 7th
Through the Cracks Poem metaphorist Jun 7th
My Heart is a Casket Poem metaphorist Jun 7th
You Don’t Know Poem metaphorist Jun 7th
Putting a Price on Worth Poem metaphorist Jun 7th
Compartments of my Life Poem metaphorist Jun 7th
Our First Kiss Poem rmjoh992 Jun 7th
Change. Poem bluebird_ Jun 7th
Obeah man Poem cxseals1337 dark rites, Fear, Mysticism Jun 7th