*Wasted Time*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

I ask thee above 
What is my purpose Down Below 
Why do you keep sending a different love 
Why this pain you bestow

Wasted time 
Is all it seems That i have 
What is the purpose for my talent to rhyme 
Please tell me what to do for my be half 
I ask of you to just let me be able to laugh

If it weren't for my little one God 
Id be up there with you 
Making a difference in heaven 
But I'm so confused i don't know what to do

Why must i be down here 
Everyone doesn't like me 
And no one shows that they care 
The ones that show true feelings are taken not free

Still i cant fight the temptation 
I've made a sin 
I cant stop the love making 
No matter what way i look at my situation 
I can never win

So there goes wasted time 
On those days that i have nothing planned 
As i sit here time has passed by 
Thinking where am i going to stand 
Thinking were ill end up

Where am i going to go 
Sometimes at night i just sit here and cry 
Asking God my purpose on earth 
Why wont you let me know 
Other times i wish i were with you 
I wished just to die

I have no understanding on things 
On the way of the direction 
Or what God brings 
Even on how to really show affection

Wasted time 
My life is such a mess 
And its probably not worth a dime 
What God has in store for me 
I'll just sit here and guess 
And all this wasted time from it ill never be


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brain dead

People refuse to learn. 


Instead of cherishing 

what they have, 

they always think 

the grass is greener 

on the other side, 

and the only reason 

it looks that way, 

is because it's fertilized 

with bullshit. 


Where have all the smart people gone? 




6:25 AM 6/27/2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dying Religions

These fairytales of life we buy like shattered bits of humble pie,
They convolute and twist our minds far into a world where the true dream is denied,
We hold them high above what's real,
The wheel of life and what we feel gets wasted
In the dream beyond the chasms we create...far from love, and it's chasteness.
The dream is now, the only one, the stories we weaved,
Withered and dying in the gutters of the fold,
The time arrives for every man to unravel his mess within,
And let go the fairytales of old,

...allow this future to unfold.


7:59 PM 4/20/2013 ©




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Transformations and new worlds come to be only through the acknowledgements of many hands joined. Religions are not working in the world because the focus has not been on the religion, but on the power the religions can have. Just a poem.

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tears too late


i fret and fear the end is near,
there ahead I see the days of my death
Surrounded by the fires of burning truth
I have not lived up to my potential
I have squandered my gifts,
I have left myself short of credentials
I have forgotten to breathe deeply
enjoying the things that mattered most
for things I thought mattered more.
the Gold in my possession squandered
for the gold that burnt holes in my pockets
I never thought for the life of me
no matter where I wondered,
that I could be that one on the edge of rockets.
to fizzle out and see such dissapointment,
such a lack in everything pondered!
I am a failure and a lost creature
who knows nothing here.
one lone tear almost dares to fall.
It catches and hangs there;
as I fret and fear my end is near
and these days of my death
will be for naught if I dont see forth
by the light of the fires burning truth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

are you living up to your potential?

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Leave Me Forgotten,Think of Me No More.

My Love

Life, Love, Truth
Beautiful things giv’n me in my youth
But I wasted them all away.


Your love, your eyes, your kiss
All of the things that I miss
But I never made you stay.


Glances, chances, charm
Who knew they could bring such harm?
I left your spirit to soar.


Death, time, rotten,
Please leave me forgotten,
Think of me no more.

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