hello there to the world
never seen you before
I'm a new born baby boy
lying here on the floor
took a good look at myself
didn't like what I saw
I had to change something
I had to rectify the flaw
people are programmed
wired to the board
they wont take time to listen
we're just been ignored
if they could only realise
how easy it could be
that's why I wrote this poem
I hope that they will see

hello there to fear
I'm afraid we haven't met
so your why I worry
why I constantly sweat
you haven't always been here
you crept up on me somehow
cause me to bite my finger's 
put lines above my brow 
everyone is afraid
be it spiders or of the dark
this fear is different
it comes when you lose your spark
so try taking a step back
just to regain your peak
and relight that fire
eradicate the meek

we're afraid about things
that never come to be
afraid for our loved ones
friends and family
its ok to have fear
its healthy in a way
just to see things clearly
its easy for me to say
so if you can accept fear
be true to who you are
don't limit by imitations
go ahead raise the bar
your always holding back
to what you can become
stop telling yourself you cant
just do it and its done

so now that you've realised
you worry out of habit
the world is your oyster
if you see a chance grab it
don't be afraid to fail
it will make you a better man
next time you get afraid
face it if you can
things will get easier
now that you know
instead of hiding under covers
just get up and go

written by Thomas Walsh 
inspired by friends

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Failure Is Not An Option

I will not bend

I will not break

I will push forward

I will survive

I will not fail

Failure is not a word it is a feeling

This feeling will not apply to me

With one step at a time I will conquer

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