Heather III

You were born in December of 1975.

It's a shame that you didn't survive.

You were a great actress, one of the very best.

It's not surprising that you became a success.


Your life was cut short but at least you were able to be famous.
We all loved and adored you so very much, can you blame us?

When people attended your funeral, they mourned and cried.

If somebody has said that you had no talent, that person lied.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Heather O'Rourke (1975-1988) who died on February 1, 1988.

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You look at them,
You admire them,
And sometimes, you get influenced by them..
What is it that makes them a celebrity?

Are they Martians?
Are they dragons?
Are they not Earthlings?
What is it that makes them a celebrity?

They have two hands,
They have two legs,
They even have equal eyes, ears and hair(almost),
What is so different that makes them a celebrity?

Today, I shall disclose,
the secret of all of their charisma
And the power that they possess..
Is it something special in a celebrity?

It is the initiative,
It is the passion,
It is the creative genius!
Is it all that makes them a celebrity?

It is the talent and the sheer devotion
It is the courage,
That many of us don't have.
So, they are taking pain to stay a celebrity?

We, society, have differentiated ourselves
As the admirer's class
And the celebrity class,
It never comes to mind, what is the truth..

There are many ways to get there
And many have gotten there
The only question that you have to ask is,
"How can I become a celebrity?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First poem..
Driven by deep inner voice..

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why not tom cruise.
but he did get everything he wanted.
yes he did rise above.
coming from an alcoholic household,
where his old man took out his anger on him.
he definitely beat the odds.
he is amazing.
and even when he gets in arguments with his young wife
all he has to simply say is
"do you know where i came from sweetie pie?
you stick with me or it can get much worse.
you gonna trust those sharks, wolves, and pecky birds
out there or you gonna stick it out with me?
life is only roses in the summer time and sometimes
they wilt.
just reality for ya.
but at least i can afford any kind of rose you want."
end of dialogue

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hypothetical tom cruise dialogue.

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Ode To Krazy

Krazy is wonderful
Krazy is cute
He's the most beautiful guy in the group

He comes from North London
He loves pie & mash
He likes spending money
So his clothes are quite flash

Krazy's only 16
One of the best I have seen
He's in Blazin' Squad
Who on Waltham Racecourse have trod

He has blond hair
And bright blue eyes
Cos he's so amazing
Above the rest he does rise

I think he's totally lush
He turns me to mush
He real name is Lee Bailey
And I listen to him daily

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just rediscovered this today. I was about 13 when I wrote it & I probably thought it was an amazing piece of writing at the time, but looking at it now, I actually think it's kinda lame... lol Oh well, someone might like it!

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Misc Poems

I am he as
you are he as
you are me and
we are all together.
I float along the river of green,
Pink and purple haze swirling above my head.

No cares. No worries.
Perfect. Beautiful. Charming. Famous.

Reality brings me back.
Gravity pulls me down.
Make-up picks me back up
And I’m up high again.

I put on my face and head out the door,
Blinded; attacked by the bright lights.

No one cares. No one worries.

No one suspects the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From the perspective of a celebrity whose life was ruined by fame.
Once again, the spacing got all broke'd. Much more affective in its original form.

And yes, Beatles. Beatles and drug references.

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Kat Dennings


The days keep turning crisper

The scarves adorn the hipsters

The night's abuzz, but in the fuzz

Kat Denning's got her tits out

It happened on a cell phone

While naked in her own home

Sat upright with all in sight

Kat Denning's got her tits out

They thought of she, the indie queen

As someone kind of differently

But it was she, that on blue screen

Revealed them both so poignantly

People saw, they oohed and awed

Post and clicks of skin and clod

Lust begotten celeb facade

Kat Denning's got a bangin' bod.


Hollywood is Hollywood

Nude and crude for show

All for not, or cover shots

It's all they do and know

She was of the few and fond

That knew just how we feel

But Holly took her far beyond

And showed her skank appeal.


Underneath the camera's lense

A view obscuring common sense

New grown child, legs for miles

Stacked to make a matching set

Sure they're great, let's celebrate

Pray for more and masturbate

Assume she's lost what made her her

Those jugs can speak and we'll relate

Since when is it we call you Paris?

What is left for you to cherish?

You're no Britney, Lindsay Lo

What happened to the K we know?

I hope she's there, beyond the bust

Cleavage that controls the lust

But me I say, I just don't care

Katty D had wit to spare



Were they for a boy gone wild?

Sold her out for weed and wiles?

Were they poached and bet online?

To highest bid that bid on time?

Is this not her finest hour?

Sweet and sour, pretty flower

Is she tabloids' newest love?

Is this what she'd always dreamed of?

Final Verse:

Those tits of hers are well and good

Big and perfect, understood

But look above her collar bone

And know that she has eyes to see

Those tits are fine, lick 'em clean

Imagine hands on that physique

But hear her speak, catch the tone

As human as a human being

For Kat we know, standing there

She hasn't left and is aware

That people watch and gawk and stare

And dream about her underwear

Now the saddest boys alive

Will touch themselves with her in mind

And she'll undress before their eyes

Because she is their bosom bride.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm pretty certain that this will never end up becoming a song. Heard about and saw the Kat Dennings topless pictures and found it kind of sad, considering she seemed too smart to do something so stupid. I wanted the song to have two sides that sort of came and went (nasty/perverted and sympathetic/sorry) and I think it turned out okay. Not really my best but not bad.

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