The Eyes that watch from behind dark curtains

In the hands of those behind the dark curtain, religion, information, and entertainment became corrupt
being used to program the minds of a young generation;
and reprogram the current
so as to gain power and control over the masses, who would, without conditioning, know of the real truth
and topple the powers that run this world, and then become the power.
Fear of the common man and fear of demise have driven those who exist behind wall we cannot see.
The few in power have the strings with which they control the daily lives and thoughts, and beliefs of the ignorant. Like air men breath, they infested the souls and now control all that is seen and felt, and known, and unknown.
What is to be known will be, what is to be kept hidden, will be.
Such is the way in which they exist.
To control, to create, to destroy, to write and rewrite history;
to be the gods of this world. They are the ones who hide in the shadows.