Los Deportados



Tijuana. Early evening avenue 

Heading out to make the scene.

Walking the Calles thru Zona Norte 

Took me to see the poor people

living in the cardboard city 

In refrigerator boxes and plywood shacks.

2 little kids standing barefoot in the rain.

The shelter was blue with brown blinds 





For a dollar a night, you can stay.

And here among the roadside, 

The cardboard city lies.

Not a dollar a day 

Or a dollar a stay

Even with rainy skies.

With a calm calculus 

I extend my hand to the father 

“Here’s 20 dollars”

“You can stay inside now”

And the minute I did

He grabbed up his kids 

And made his way into the hostel

Is it impossible to think

That amid all the Booze 

And the drugs

And the stink

That home is not a place or a box or a shelter

You’re family is your home

Ask Dorothy.

“There’s no place like it.”


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The butterfly effect

 The story could end many ways.

A butterfly beats it’s wings in Mexico, 

and a Hurricane rages on in the Atlantic as a result.

interpret as you will.

will the father spend the money on shelter?



Banditos in the night?

and if he did, what would the effect be .

maybe death.

Did I save him?

murder him?


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Lothario (Song Lyrics/electric guitar)

Song Lyrics



Gonna have a 

good time

You real tight

 rope walker

Gonna have a 

good time 

Greasy smile 



Your gonna have a good time

All right


Make a movie baby



Sing my blues baby

All night

Wrap you in my 

love song



Catch me 

when the mornin come

Catch you

 when y' home alone

Teach you 

when we're all alone

Yeah baby 


That's right

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written as a I, IV, V blues composition.

Possibly a shuffle. 

use whatever chords you want, as long as its seasoned with single note riffs & string bends.


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Sailing in a Ship of Fools (song lyrics)

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics for acoustic guitar ( alt C,G,D)

Any given Monday you get outta bed 

Shaving in the shower race a yellow light red

Sitting In an office like a Little plastic egg

Praying to make a living

but The Man isn't giving 

A raise to a guy like youuuuuuuuu

Sailing in a ship of fools

Sailing in a ship of fools

Sailing in a ship of fools


Once upon a time on a little mountain side

There was a little girl who's daddy was alive 

They danced little dances and they played school

Till one day

they cops took him away

For stealing many bags of jewwwwwwwls

Sailing in a ship of fools

Sailing in a ship of fools

Sailing in a ship of fools


There was an old man  every day in the park

Who talked to the pigeons

and people called him stark

Like a loooooooooooooon....

But what they really didn't didn't know

The mans a war hero

shot  five times 

To keep alive

his platoooooooon....

Sailing in a ship of fools 

Sailing In a ship of fools



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Supertramp Blues (song lyrics/electric guitar

Song Lyrics

If you find yourself walking 


These same old crooked streets


the same old crooked dreams 


A mind that won't keep still


All you can feel is boots upon the road


not in a hurry to say that it's home 


You're so far away but everything's close


Your pocket watch broken but it never shows

When all you have is 

You're clothes in a sack 

 you're guitar on your back 

Following the tracks out of town 


You're clothes in a sack

You're guitar on your back

Making tracks out of town


I just might 


I might come back

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I eat what I want, when I want

All About Me

It doesn’t mean I over eat, and it doesn’t mean I under eat


It doesn’t mean I always eat three meals a day


It doesn't mean I never eat three meals a day 


Some days I eat nothing at all


Some days I eat more than necessary


Some days I eat Mcdoanlds and some days I eat salads


I love the taste of steak


I love the taste of fruits


I love drinking water and I enjoy a good beer


I don’t fit into your bubble


I don’t care about what you consider healthy


I don't need your diet advice or whether my eating habits are “good for me” 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love my life and I always lived by the "do what feels right" mentality. If I'm happy, what else matters?

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my life is being lived backwards.
i began young with grown up ways.
now i just want to have fun!
i'm feeling greedy and hungry!
love me, need me, feed me!
i'll wrap myself around you and take you into me.
just let me have all of you
and i'll give you my everything!
i want you to focus on me.
put me in the center of your world.
revolve around me baby!
revolve around me!

i'm bubbly and so alive!
your life just jumped off its boring track.
hop onto me and never look back!
i ride every wave of ecstasy you bring.
you carry me away with every breath.
love me, want me, eat me!
you'll fill me up with your seed and i'll be what you need.
this isn't your typical affair.
fate brought us together on the luckiest of days.
now we take this path because we dare!
together we can rule this world!
revolve with me baby!
revolve around each other forever!

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