A Face and A Mirror

and I'll find my way back and fill every crack
of what I dared to abandon and lack
As I hid under a shadow and erased my name
Because all others thought I was just a game

To take the needles called imperfections out of my heart
and use them as the strength to guide me a better part
Where the papers of my chapter aren't so wrinkled and illegible anymore
and I open my real eyes and to the light, beckoning, a real door

To my surprise, all is shining and ever free
and the clear sparkle of waters bring to reflect the real me
So, then, what brings you, what monster are you, foul mirror?
To sacrifice my time and what I hold ever dearer?

I ask you then, will it be a face, or will it be my words?
Or do my words mean nothing, flocking appeal to idle herds?

Bring to me please, the powerful quality and grace of personality
and let beauty paint my face, beauty associated with the pureness of my mentality

When You Look at me, What do you see?


When you look at me, What do you see?
When you look at me, what do you see?
newborn child who is already to be born into this new century!


When you look at me, what do you see?
A young teen, who is as beautiful as she!


When you look at, what do you see?
Tall black women, who is almighty!


Now tell me, when you look at me, what do you see?


Let me leave you with something, so that your mind can open up and


When you look at me, this nice young lady...
All you will see, is the real me who I want to be!


Now tell,
When you look at me, what do you see?



Just because someone looks fine on the outside
Doesn't mean they have nothing to hide
Doesn't mean they're not dying inside

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Post, post, post away all the things that I want to say

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What's on the Outside

What's on the outside
Can be the opposite of truth
The beautiful girl
Who's meaner than the devil
The soccer mom
Who's stripping just to pay the mortgage
The homeless man
Who fought in the armed forces for our freedom
The quiet girl
Who dreams every night of being a superstar
The pregnant teenager
Who was raped and doesn't believe in abortion
The skater boy
Who gets straight A's and wants to be an architect
The movie star
Who sometimes wishes she was still a nobody
The fat girl
Who is working her ass off to be healthy and has obstacles you couldn't fathom
Remember next time you judge on first glance
You have no idea what someones life is like
Unless you take the time to learn

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's been a really long time since I wrote anything I felt worth sharing. And it's interesting to look back at my poems from 8-9 years ago and see how young, naive, and in some ways ahead of my age I was. I hope you enjoy the new work.

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Average (of) Annandale

Apparent in the amiable
extension of a joke,
Annandale will shake your hand
and then begin to blend.
Excuses self from spoken depths,
and exits every dialogue;
never with a sense of stay,
but never with a sense of go.
Annandale's empowering
sense of overwhelming self, at least,
may throw off one's true depth perceived,
at least, in terms of Annandale.
For average he, not brick in color;
though stuck to walls like mewling vines,
cannot see, though may discover
a taste for salt that follows rejection.
All it takes is a boisterous caw,
and enough to make his head feel stew;
the man aloft on wicker water -
too far beyond to fear the coldest of their shoulders.

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