no more

Can't Catch Up

my fucked up head

nothing makes sense anymore...

i see my life and my head just can't catch up...

too many changes too fast...

everything is passing me by,

and i sit here ... still fucken waiting for something to show up...

nothing ever one will show up...


nothing makes sense anymore...

i sit here waiting for something to show up...

my head just can't catch up

and i sit here...still fucken waiting for something to come up...


take me away...

just take me away from here...

take me to where i can find that peace...

i just can't catch up to these changes, please just show me the way...


i just can't sit here anymore...please just show me my way.


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brain dead

People refuse to learn. 


Instead of cherishing 

what they have, 

they always think 

the grass is greener 

on the other side, 

and the only reason 

it looks that way, 

is because it's fertilized 

with bullshit. 


Where have all the smart people gone? 




6:25 AM 6/27/2013 ©




Author's Notes/Comments: 



I think we are good now
We both have dropped the
“I think you are goofing off with
Others and putting the signifigent
Other on the back burner”

That was a bad time for us
Enough so I had to make it clear
That this was over and
There will not be any more
Of any consorting, period

So I think we are good,
We've put all issues at bay
And restarting free and clear
With nothing but each other in a place
Where both our minds are clear

Written on
May 30, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Babadee. He knows what this is really saying and so do I.

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Deuces Remix

Sad Love Poems

The contract between us is now shred to pieces // no more minor recess // who, wat, why would make me wanna cease this // cuz the seed of are relationship blossomed into wat is now leafless // how could love leave us // still got da scar from where cupids arrow used to be // & all along it reminds me of what u used to mean to me // infinite possibilities, a miracle, a cure // but only pure animosity is wats left to endure // like remnants of da shattered heart dat beats in my chest // so if this is one of gods test // tell him I dnt care no more to give me a F // I tried my mother fucking best // but I need some dam rest // but these girls round me quick to impress // so they quick to undress // a little too much to ingest // but i can only accept // wat I try to expect // I'm trying to get over my now ex // so I guess it's now peace princess // as I walk into da sunset it's a new dawning // knowing that I won't be there in da morning // thoughts of me still linger // as u realize we split like fingers // DEUCES !!...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my version of the song Deuces by Chris Brown

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You took my heart to the limit

Life goes on

This heart has reached a limit

Broken several times before,

 This is the most it can take

Also give

To one not true

 My Hearts limit is forever

At guard filled with so many scares,

Lies words and  

Mental thoughts,

  You took my heart,

And stomped it raw

Shredded it with your sharpened claw

 What you did will never go away

Until you feel this way, but

 It must depart you will never

Know how fucked

You left this heart.

  til death & beyond

It’s time for me to move on,

Learn to heal from all

 Taking it all the best I can


I can love again

If I can, I will be aware

Of all the hurt and despair,

 Love limits have been set

To all who dare

It’s not their fault but of

 One from the past,

 He is nothing now

 Yet I know

But still at guard stands bold

Cause I am scared

That it will be just a game

Just to leave me

Tattered and deranged



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