the dirty

Soul mates

I love you so much how I could even conceive to betray you sickness me
Lost in an endless love hate notion. I thought thoughts that would churn your heart
I wanted things from somewhere new things I'd only do with you. But I just now breathe the thickest sigh of relief, because you rescued me you loved me back unperfectly the way only you could you snatched me back with the courage of conviction you know the truth but youd rather not think it. I don't deserve you. Ideas of you with someone else would drive me to madness the thought alone kills as I have surely killed you with my half confessions untouched except by your hand my mind was left to wonder and the shame in realisation at your possible pain too much to bare. I should die a thousand deaths for every cursed thought and stolen moment that belonged to you. Even though you didn't want it. I am yours again in whole - almost.

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Very well expressed

Love the remorse, the complex insecurities and the promises of a lesson learned if only one learn to trust again. I felt exactly as you wrote. Bravo. Thank you.