Not one single tear



Not a tear will out a sigh,

Not a tear will hold goodbye,


Not a tear will grace my cheek,

Not a tear for then I'm weak,


Not a tear will drip and fall,

Not a tear to bawl then call,


I will have the driest eyes,

Colder than december brides,


Yes I will know no tears for you,

For if I'm asked- I'll answer who!?

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Oliver and Otto


Meet Oliver                                 Meet Otto

He’s nineteen                                        He’s nineteen

From Devon                                                from Dahlen

Has a mother; her name is Rose                                                     has a mother her name is Romy

Has a father named Ronald                                                                                 Has a father named ralph

Has a sister; Anna aged 10                                                                                        Has a sister; Aida aged 10

Has a girlfriend; Georgia. A beautiful brunette                Has a girlfriend Gertrie. A ravishing red head

He was fighting for his country.

  Flanders field to be precise

He was shot in the heart apparently. Dead at an instant

Flanders Fields is their resting ground

Had a girlfriend; Georgia. A Beautiful Brunette                Had a girlfriend Gertrie. A ravishing Red head

Had a sister ; Anna aged 10                                                                                      Had  a sister Aida aged 10

Had a father named Ronald                                                                                 Had a father named ralph

Had a mother; her name is rose                                                     Had a mother her name is Romy

From Devon                                                From Dahlen

He was killed aged nineteen                                              He was killed aged nineteen


RIP Oliver RIP Otto

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey im Kirsy. I owuld love you to check this out and give me feedback. This is my first ever poem i have written!

I was getting a bit emotional around remeberence day and thinking of all those poor men who were dragged into a war they had no cluewhy they were fighting it. This poem is taken from two soliders who only had one difference. Fighting for the other side.

The Fight of Two

The constant storm,

I dread of it

First it's still,

And then it's hit


I happy thee,

Friendly among them

But lies I find,

So, have I, sprung condemn


Oh! It lies, it lies!

It knows not what of me

The deceit it brings,

Transforms all to she!


I understand not,

of all these deceits

But understand this,

with all, shall come defeats!

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Fog on a Mirror

I wasn't ready for the things that I learned,
of the breaking of hearts or how the world turns.
I quench all the fires with whiskey that burns
cause in your November arms I will never find warmth.

You weren't ready for a love that was true,
You were born for the sun, and my heart is the moon.
Colors surround you, I can just sing the blues.
My winter-born heart always plays out of tune.

Now I'm older and wiser, I can see crystal clear,
That I fell for your love, like you fell for my fear.
There's something we're lacking, like fog on a mirror,
Our messages written, soon disappear.

But life has it's way with every person I've met,
Like insects surrounded by a young child's net.
And I am imperfect, on this you can bet,
I only drink to remember, just how to forget.

You're dirty little Secret

I'd like to say to myself That I don't care about you ,
I'd be lien to myself If I said it didn't hurt me inside to seen you tonight with him
but Soon girl soon everyone will know you're dirty little secret .
But I was to blame
we all slip
let our emotions
Get the better of us soon or later like Russian roulette spin the barrel pull the trigger
you will get hit
With words of hate
eyes staring of discust
and years of regret .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bout a girl ..

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A change for the worse

A Change for the worse

I used to think Everyone was changing around me for the worse
But In the end it was me who changed
I used to like being around people , Loved hanging out with people .
With not a worry in the world
All happyness soon fell
Into the dark holes of depression
sunny days soon turned to rain
The blue skys turn grey
But how could I let it slip out of my reach
If I could smile again
If I could see the sunny skys that I long forgot
I wouldn't take it for granted
I would hold each day with a burning pasion
Now Sit in this old house playing hide n seek with my shadows
I long forgot what sunny skys used to be
I forgot
To hold on
I'm paying the price
being locked away
In a house full of hate
Locked in a room full of depression
Strapped in a chair of saddness ..

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Steam by Ria J. Leon
What stays but bruised remains
of flesh and blood and bone,
a storm, too violent for thought
and gruesome and grim as
dying alive, stalks me.
My vessel it takes, and haunts me,
fade from me, take this from me,
no time could help or wound to heal,
but as it drain my life and mind
My soul, always bright, dulls
and glimpsed so fleeting,
i cant be sure of it or sanity,
like fall from summer and winter from fall,
it wasn't real, how can memory be real?
This thirst, this thirst,
I cannot strive nor fair
the world if thirst is wrong
dream for me, my mind has gone,
The swirling colors and feeling forgotten
have left a mark upon my soul,
no price to pay, no song, no hope nor dream
just a fire turned to steam.

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My strife filled life

Maybe someday I’ll find the person I’m meant to be

That there’s truly a purpose in life

But for now I’m just trying to live day by day

Through all of this nonsense and strife

I wish that my friends could all see

How the problems and issues and things that they do

Don’t affect only them, also me

Through boyfriends and girlfriends and stupid high school

I’m the one who must remain collected and cool

They tell me their problems

I give them advice

I’m the one with the answers solutions and nice

Things to say about everyone despite my true thoughts

Sometimes their problems tie my heart up in knots.

They need me to be

Strong, understanding me

But I need the same thing from somebody else

But no one is there

So I make my feelings disappear

I don’t share my problems with the friends who share theirs

I probably could but not one of them cares

I wish I could trust them the way they trust me

But I’ve been used and mistreated too often you see

So regardless of trust, love, and belief

I have all this sadness, depression, and grief

These feelings I do so well to hide

They are bottled up and growing inside

I wish I could find a way to get it all out

But I think if I start I think I’ll become like a spout

I’ll cry and cry and no words will be said

But I wish I had someone to hear with their heart not their head

I wish I could tell everyone the way that I feel

That I do have feelings and they are SO real

But instead I live with a faked happy smile

And pretend that I feel like my life is worthwhile

But I often wonder how it would be

If something terrible happened to me

Would anyone notice?

Would anyone care?

Would it only be cause there was an empty chair?

Would anyone feel like something was wrong?

Would anyone notice if I was just gone?

Would they go out looking for me?

Or would they just be upset that the house wasn’t clean?

Or they had no one to talk to when people were mean? 

There are days when I wish I could just go back home

To the people who call me one of their own

Ever since moving I’ve had no real connection

No new friends to share love and affection

But I know if I go back

Everyone would be so used to not having me there

That they would forget about me or just really not care

They have already replaced me

It’s easy to see

They hang out with new friends but I don’t have any

It makes me so sad cause I used to have many

My parents and siblings just don’t understand

There are only two people who do

But they are so busy I don’t see them much but when I do

They just have to say

Three little words

To make everything okay

When they say “I love you”

And hold me so tight

It’s the only thing in this crazy world that feels right

Hugs, kisses, love and understanding are the things that I need

They sink into my heart and they grow like a seed

They grow and they bloom till my heart overflows

With love, understanding, and caring that shows

But sometimes even those hugs, kisses, and love

Cannot lift the dark rain cloud that looms up above

Some days there is nothing that anyone can do

To lift my spirits when I’m feeling blue

I put on a good face and make people think that I’m great

But inside my heart is breaking like a porcelain plate 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first poem. I wrote it because I recently moved from a place that I live for eleven years. I have become depressed and began questioning what the point of life is. I know it's not that great and it probably sounds like rambling. But it is what is on my heart and I had to find a way to get it out. And the way my heart found was poetry.

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Volume One






I wish I could turn back time

I wish I could have spoke that right line

The one your heart begged to hear

but I held back in fear



What was all that fighting for

it just made my heart sore

I was never any good at this

I never even felt a real kiss

I wish I could lift your emotional scar

but you keep reminding me the distance is to far



"When I stop trying,

The tears I'll start crying

and once again I'll start dying"



I wish I could whisper "I love you" in your ear

I wish I could hold you near

but I can't even recognize my own reflection in the mirror



This is no fairy tale

My life is hell

But its a wishful dream, a hopeful thought

because it was you that my shattered heart had caught






Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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