May you be exalted


May you be glorified

Em             G

In this life that you gave to me


May your word be applied

Em             G

In this life that you gave to me


may your will not be halted

Em             G                     D

In this life that you gave to me


Verse 1:


G                             C                              D

Humble servant that I desperately want to be

C                                            D

come before you on bended knees


Pleading Simply




Verse 2:


If only humble servants we were

We'd come before you in tears

Pleading Simply


(Chorus 2xs)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

You can hear this one at:


This is an attempt at a praise and worship song.

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Verse 1:


D                                              A         D

There was a time when I was truly humble

D                             A         D

but lately all I can do is stumble


Though I put on my Sunday best

A                               G    D

and I act all good and righteous


Yeah, I can put on quite a show,

D                  A

But what my audience don't know





Underneath it all,


I still fall.


Underneath it all,


I still sin.


'Cause underneath it all,

E               D

it's still me deep within


and underneath it all,


I'm still human.


Verse 2:

I failed You again, ooh I failed You again

I can't stop wallowing in my sin.

The very things I don't want to do

trip me up, and keep me from You.

And I just can't seem to do that

which my heart desires me to do, but


(Repeat Chorus)


Verse 3:

You came into my life, came into my heart

and set me apart, You set me apart,

so why do I keep failing You?

The very things I don't want to do

I find myself doing over and over again

I just can't stop wallowing in my sin.


(Repeat Chorus, then Bridge)




But underneath it all,

D7                  D

my heart cries out to You,

A                    D

Father forgive me


(Repeat Chorus 2 Xs)



Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you like the lyrics and want to hear me play it go to


Hopefully one person out there can relate to this one, and God uses it to touch their heart.

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Verse 1:



Whenever my life gets rough

C                                G

help me keep my mind off of


my problems and my issues.


Jesus, help me look skyward..

D                         G

Dig into your Holy Word


Lord, help me to find you

C                       G

in every circumstance.





Jesus, help me look skyward.


May I look toward Heaven

C                                  G

Seeking seeking seeking you


giving thanks always always

G7                                 G

 Jesus, help me keep my eyes


focused sky sky sky skyward.


Verse 2:


Whenever life is blessed

Astray, may I not be lead

By my own shortsightedness.

Jesus, help me look skyward

May I not forget you, Lord

with sincere gratefulness

May I kneel before your throne.


(Repeat Chorus)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you want to know what it sounds like, you can hear it here:


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may bagong liwanag








may bagong liwanag






sa bigat nitong dinadala,
kahit buhay ay tila
hindi natatamasa
at walang sigla



gaya mo rin,
ang bawat tao raw
ay may kani-kaniyang



mainam na makalaya
na nga, makaliwas ang
puso kong ito



at pati ng katawan
sa lupa
—mula sa kanilang









Southern Gothic

Tales and Fables

I can't tell where I'm going

Don't know where I've been

But I feel I'm moving quickly

And I guess that's all there is


I've gone round in my head

Side to side within

Reason had too much sense

Foolishness left me behind

Walking to a dirt-road crossroad

Guess I'll say hello


Whiskey from the heavens

Daniels in my veins

Traveling to hell on that southern gothic train

Baptized my humanity in the river

Left my soul with the morning star

Guess I've lost it all


They say that those with nothing left

Have nothing left to lose

Well hell, I'm far past that

With no future, and no past

Don't mess with me, son

Or my face will be your last


Whiskey's long gone now

But the moon's still shining bright

And there's heaven to gain

But hell to pay

The brass is still warm

But I'm cold as the grave

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A Tendency For Love In A Forlorn Hope (An Affected Poem)



A Tendency For Love In A Forlorn Hope 




Are we falling away? This is just supposed to be a beginning.  Our

hearts tore open, jutting out of our chests.


My imploding rib cage is

so heartfelt as if tiny sharp things are piercing through my skin

—especially in that seeming

—point of no return.



I kept steady and not wanting anything more, out of this;

Except, now that our fates intertwine.



Now what am I supposed to do

to unleash my whole self 

to you?


You're great and nice—at that;

I am out of words.


Your wiles foreshadow me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"A Tendency For Love In A Forlorn Hope" is an affected poem that was written on 04/17/2017 at around 07:04 A.M.  This particular poem is thought to have similar theme(s) as that of the series of poems written within that specific time frame.  Thank you for looking!

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"In the Name of God"

by Jeph Johnson


Why is it okay for Muslims to actually name themselves after Mohammed, but no one is even allowed to make an image of him?


Then you have the Christians who are able to make countless and absurdly inaccurate images of Christ but seldom name their kids "Christ".


Well, there are those Hispanic people who name their kids "Jesus",  but it is pronounced differently.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Peace be With You

May you sleep in peace tonight

And have happy dreams without fright

When you wake to the suns new rays

And the stars sleep as you start your day

Know that you're blessed and I hope you see

I'm thinking of you, so think of me

In troubled times you may not always see

But I am he one who calmed the raging sea

I'm always there with you hand in hand

To carry you through the sinking sand

So cast your fears to the Lord above

So that you may know that I am Love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote this poem.

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St. Jerome

St. Jerome in the Wilderness

Master, Master come to me,

                                                                                            Savior, Savior hear my plea.           


O Lord I understand my punishment.

I will not flee this banishment.

Until a time that you are done,

For you alone art the holy one.


Through temptation I have stayed,

Loyal in your gaze and unafraid.

I bear my cross as you bore yours,

Even with the window outdoors.


I use this quill to help you Lord,

As I hear the echo of a far off chord.

I praise your name to the land,

And rejoice when I hear the voices of the sand.


Amen, Amen I say to thee,


Amen, Amen please set me free.

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