Monthly Archive for December 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Three Tears Fader Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline Dec 1st
I called Poem Monsters-Following 3 Dec 1st
let me Poem overton80 # addiction # love # passion # relationship # struggles Dec 1st
a sniper's motto Poem overton80 #Love #War #Hurt #Suicidal Dec 1st
A vampire's wish Poem overton80 # addiction # love # passion # relationship, undead and vampires Dec 1st
Underneath Poem Urban 3 introspection, self realization Dec 1st
We Need To Have The Strength (To Think For Ourselves) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
some live for ever Poem ABHINAV_GAUTAM #inspiring Dec 1st
love forever Poem ABHINAV_GAUTAM # Love Dec 1st
Love or Sex? Poem KingofWords 3 Love or Sex? Dec 1st
When It Comes To This Planet (We Are The Monsters) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
Life Is Short (So Take A Stand For Who you Are) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
Conformity Is Nothing (But A Disease) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
Epiphany Lunch Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Dec 1st
CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Poem joy Christmas Shopping Dec 1st
This Ring Poem 1SP 4 Dec 1st
Dickheads of the Year! Poem SSmoothie 11 Dickheads of the Year! Dec 1st
You are Everywhere! Poem KingofWords your presence remains Dec 1st
Leaves Of Lemon. Poem sweetwater 2 Dec 1st
IT GOT TO BE WHITE Poem pbenarumairaj 2 White Christmas/Son of God/Santa/Snow Dec 1st
Haunting Inquisition Poem nightlight1220 8 ashes, buried treasures, compassion., death, Life, love, ocean, Pain, Phoenix, Rebirth, resurrection, sea, soul, Suffering, universe Dec 1st
To the Other Poem cevance 7 Eternal love, love poem Dec 1st
Angel in a Dark Forest Poem Bhaskar_Ballabh 2 a love story Dec 1st
Pollen Hugging Bees Poem allets Dec 1st
ledges Poem ericmichaels #tragedy #love #relationships #true love #romantic #romance Dec 1st
Time Renewed. Poem sweetwater Dec 1st
Herbal Remedies And Dietary Supplements For Excess Weight Reduction Prose Anonymous VKQ Dec 1st
White Candle Poem Afterglow Dec 2nd
Cherry Blossom Poem Afterglow Dec 2nd
Some Days Poem Afterglow Dec 2nd
Winter Wonderland Poem Afterglow Dec 2nd
My Darling Dear Poem Afterglow Dec 2nd
Snow Poem Afterglow 1 Dec 2nd
Searching for Answers Poem Afterglow Dec 2nd
The Golden Stones Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline Dec 2nd
Useless Life, Snake Story Poem nightlight1220 7 useless Dec 2nd
A Poem About Me Poem mmatthew74 2 Dec 2nd
Willingly Insane Poem bittersweetpoison Dec 2nd
I Have School Tomorrow Poem LovingLovelace Dec 2nd
My Lover's Skin Poem LovingLovelace Dec 2nd
angels Poem ericmichaels 1 Dec 2nd
Void Poem PrefixMeta 1 Dec 2nd
Sending them to school Poem bittersweetpoison 5 Dec 2nd
Circles Poem ADAPT Dec 2nd
revoke emotion Poem ADAPT Dec 2nd
MIRYAM AND MADRID. Poem Dadio boy, girl, LFE, MADRID, sex Dec 2nd
THE BEST CHRISTMAS TREE WE EVER HAD Poem joy christmas, Christmas memories, Christmas tree Dec 2nd
You and Your Blue Sari Poem KingofWords Sari Dec 2nd
Sleepless without You Poem KingofWords Sleepless without You Dec 2nd
'13 Driven Poem Joel 3 Dec 2nd
Space, overlapping Poem redpyramid9000 2 Dec 2nd
Raise your glass Poem mack619 Brotherhood, drink, remembrance, soldiers Dec 2nd
Weather Changeling Poem allets Dec 2nd
Done With Love Poem AngelofDarkness 6 Dec 2nd
Long Distance When She Is Abused Prose LovingLovelace 3 Dec 2nd
Beauty Poem Zephiradiamond 6 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak #angry #sadness # lonely Dec 3rd
Wealthy lack Riches Poem Eustaquio 2 Dec 3rd
Comforting Poem Zephiradiamond 4 Dec 3rd
Know-It-All Poem nightlight1220 6 Earth, heart, joy, knowledge, love, man, Peace, true, truth, universe, World Dec 3rd
Wake me up Poem Riddle 4 Dec 3rd
NEBBISH Poem pbenarumairaj 2 Confusion gets confounded Dec 3rd
MY HEART WILL NEVER FORGET Poem palewingedpoetess 4 Dec 3rd
JUST LIKE THAT IT WENT. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london Dec 3rd
Steadily wandering Poem NathanielPaw 3 Dec 3rd
Lovely Poem thelohaspiral Dec 3rd
Sounds of animals Poem redpyramid9000 2 Dec 3rd
Something Cashmere I Figured You Might Wear Poem PeterChristophe... 12 Dec 3rd
Footnote: Brother Mark A Poem S74rw4rd Dec 3rd
Footnote: Brother Paul A Poem S74rw4rd Dec 3rd
Epigram On Recent Politics Poem S74rw4rd Dec 3rd
Grace Given By God Our Father Poem S74rw4rd Dec 3rd
I am a Word Cultivator Poem KingofWords 9 Word Cultivator Dec 3rd
Priesthood Poem LovingLovelace Dec 3rd
I Love You Poem LovingLovelace Dec 3rd
Feel Whole Poem LovingLovelace Dec 3rd
Break Free Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline Dec 3rd
Increments Poem allets Dec 3rd
Footnote: Sister Barbara A Poem S74rw4rd 3 Dec 3rd
I could Poem meowmianna Dec 3rd
Ask Yourself Poem meowmianna Dec 3rd
Give me a shot Poem meowmianna 3 Dec 3rd
Promise kept Poem corey521 2 Dec 3rd
Dem feels Poem Riddle 1 Dec 3rd
Love♥And♥Romance Prose nightlight1220 4 love, romance Dec 3rd
We are Prose meowmianna Dec 3rd
Never Gone Poem nightlight1220 4 distant love, in love, infinite connections, lives, love, loving, one, oneness Dec 4th
ITS TIME TO QUIT Poem sangana # love # relationships # friendship Dec 4th
It Would Take (More Than) A Miracle Poem TheCure242 2 cheesy, desire, feelings, longing, love, T Dec 4th
Welcome Home Poem PurpleDragonfly #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak Dec 4th
Feel alone today Poem On_Days_to_Vent #alone #sad #pain Dec 4th
final wish Poem Dinimo11 Dec 4th
Mixing Bowl Poem Dinimo11 Dec 4th
Kairos Poem Dinimo11 Dec 4th
Allets Poem bishu 5 Dec 4th
AS FAR AS HIS EYES CAN SEE. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london Dec 4th
Oh India! Poem PalashA. 6 Dec 4th
A NEW GENERATION OF GRANDPARENTS Poem joy grandparents Dec 4th
Lust Poem Saachi 10 Dec 4th
Will You See the Sky with Me? Poem KingofWords See the Sky Dec 4th
Unspoken Thoughts Poem GOHIL48 6 Dec 4th
Brainspill Poem bishu 1 Dec 4th
Thats what they say Poem EmmaMegRobertson 4 Love Young Old Dec 4th
One Day Poem EmmaMegRobertson Hope, love, Not Today, Unrequited Love Dec 4th
To Life Poem EmmaMegRobertson 2 beautiful, Life, Never Giving Up Dec 4th
Fear Life Not Death. Poem EmmaMegRobertson 2 death, Everything in between, Fear, Life Dec 4th
Why I am Beautiful. Poem EmmaMegRobertson 7 Acceptance, Beauty, me Dec 4th
thought of the day Poem corey521 2 Dec 4th
Easing the Soul Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
Frantic Cook Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
Creating Bliss Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
Mana of Growth Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
Stone Heart Poem RockofShades 3 Dec 4th
Come Hither Death: Lone Wolf IV Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
MY FIRST LOVE Poem inamorata Dec 4th
Malfunction Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
The Meaning of Life Poem EmmaMegRobertson 2 Happiness, Life, love, meaning of life Dec 4th
Relapse Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
Feeding the Beast: Lone Wolf V Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
Unbarred Rebar Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline 2 Dec 4th
Sand and Ashes Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
Behind the Blades Poem MajesticDravon Dec 4th
Loves shadow Poem Riddle 2 Dec 4th
Lyrics in progress Poem readmy5tuff 4 Dec 4th
Strong Love Poem MajesticDravon 2 Dec 4th
Locked Out Poem MajesticDravon 4 Dec 4th
Then I Go To Schoo, Poem LovingLovelace 2 Dec 4th
Merry Christmas Sonnet Poem Anonymous 2 Dec 4th
Willow in Lea Poem cevance 8 Birds, nature Dec 4th
Deception Prose PurpleDragonfly 1 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak Dec 4th
SCARED LOOKS AND SOFT MOANS. Prose Dadio 1962, girl, kiss, love, story Dec 4th
Snow Drift Prose PurpleDragonfly 1 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak Dec 4th
Back Prose Sivus Dec 4th
Do you LIVE Or Do YOU EXSIST Prose K.D 4 Dec 4th
Tree Trim Poem allets Dec 5th
How I Think Of My Muse Poem allets Dec 5th
new Poem nightlight1220 8 new Dec 5th
Remembered Winter Poem allets Dec 5th
Show Them Poem allets 1 Dec 5th
My vanishing heart Poem nat_w_dogg Dec 5th
Tell me... Poem nat_w_dogg Dec 5th
Reflection Poem Dinimo11 Dec 5th
I Make You Lie to Your Parents Poem LovingLovelace Dec 5th
Affectionately Nourished Poem allets 4 Dec 5th
And She Started Trembling! Poem KingofWords Earthquake Moon Myself Trembling Dec 5th
Inside All Day Poem allets Dec 5th
Soul work Poem FLboy555 1 # heart # love # passion # freedom. Dec 5th
She Came Like Gangbusters Poem allets Dec 5th
NOT WITH HIM Poem Dadio husband, love, sex, women Dec 5th
Notes From the Field of Play Poem deepblue 6 Dec 5th
Drive Poem ADAPT Dec 5th
I SWEAR Poem joy 1 swearing Dec 5th
When There was No One beside You Poem KingofWords love, Sympathy and Support Dec 5th
NEW DAY'S HYPOCRISY Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 5th
Tree, Poet Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline 2 Dec 5th
"I am" Poem corey521 i am me Dec 5th
Power,Give It To Poem Muhammeed politics Dec 5th
Pro-Poem Poem allets Dec 5th
Statistics of Hover Poem allets 1 Dec 5th
They Listen To The Crowd Poem allets Dec 5th
A Most Happy Holiday Poem allets Dec 5th
Nothingness Poem K.D 2 Dec 5th
No Longer Who I Was Poem allets 4 Dec 5th
Christmas Spirit Reigns‏ Poem Anonymous 2 Dec 5th
hardly...merely....lost Poem K.D 2 Dec 5th
A River Runs Poem allets 4 Dec 5th
While His Wife Sleeps Poem ramonathompsont Dec 5th
Chalk & Cheese Poem allets 4 Dec 5th
Horny Is The Hunter Poem ramonathompsont 2 Dec 5th
Just Like That Poem workm Dec 5th
Lost & Found Poem allets Dec 5th
louder than words Poem cherishfaith empower, silence, who we truly are, whole, Words Dec 5th
run on the Wednesday Prose craigyw Dec 5th
hope Prose K.D Dec 5th
THE Cross Road To Self Discovery Prose K.D 2 Dec 5th
W H E R E R A N Y O N E Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline 2 Dec 6th
The power of True Self & Here Now Poem cherishfaith Divine, here now, infinite, light, love, true self Dec 6th
I wish I was a peanut Poem Colacharlie Dec 6th
Untitled Poem LukeBurkman struggle pain failure Dec 6th
Alone Poem Degree66 Dec 6th
Hello Winter Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 6th
Cuts Poem DesertDreamer 5 Dec 6th
Nelson Mandela Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 6th
Patience is a Virtue Poem Mech Dec 6th
Poem for a Poem Poem Mech Dec 6th
The Servant Poem Mech Dec 6th
Porcelain Bus/A Thousand Poems Poem Mech Dec 6th
There Poem Aquaholic #religion? Dec 6th
I Don't Know Poem thelohaspiral Dec 6th
Hate Is Taught And Created (Not Born) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 6th
Mistake #1,842 Poem and_hera_met_zeus #jerk Dec 6th
YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO SWEAR Poem joy 2 Humor, swearing Dec 6th
Highway To Poetry Poem Anonymous Dec 6th
Water My Poetry Poem Anonymous 3 Dec 6th
My Childhood Memories Poem KingofWords childhood memories Dec 6th
Ride Your Sleigh This Way Poem Anonymous 3 Dec 6th
Mr. Zuckerberg, Are You Listening? Poem KingofWords 4 facebook Dec 6th
Ink Eyes Poem Anonymous 5 Dec 6th
Moonlight Nights Poem ReilaMorello 4 Moonlight Forest Trees Stars Sky Night Moon Landscape Calm Calming Colors Dec 6th
It's Easy to Sometimes Remember Poem ReilaMorello 1 Forget Remember Sometimes Words Smile Smiles Songs Friends Dec 6th
Raindrops Poem ReilaMorello 2 creativity memories pages blank recipes Dec 6th
Ghosts Poem ReilaMorello 1 Ghosts memories spectres whispering grim insanity Dec 6th
Self Images Poem ReilaMorello 1 destructive confused confusion supportive dismissive Dec 6th
Glass Cages Poem ReilaMorello 1 Dec 6th
Nottingham: Part 1 Poem MyMadamePoetess #Love #Creation #Universe #World #Lion #Outset #Animals Dec 6th
graffiti and perforations Poem 9inety 5 Dec 6th
A Hole: Pain Through The Brain Poem Sickyx666 Abra, brain, Dark, dreams, hole, horror, hospital, Macabre, Pain Dec 6th
my Infinity Poem ConcealedKerry 1 Dec 6th
In the Darkest of Times Poem Chill 2 Courage, Dark, Faith, Hope, Hours, light, lost, minutes, Philosophy, Reality, sight, time Dec 6th
Love is Love. Poem EmmaMegRobertson Free Love, love, Love Who You Choose. Dec 6th
On the ledges of your sweet face Poem SSmoothie 8 Dec 6th
Thorn Poem GodsLark Dec 6th
not awere Prose K.D Dec 6th
lose my way Prose K.D 1 Dec 6th
Where? Poem Dinimo11 Dec 7th
A New Day Poem and_hera_met_zeus 2 #tomorrow #future #optimism Dec 7th
Excerpt From A Love Spell Poem and_hera_met_zeus 2 #love Dec 7th
The Accused Poem zacklearned 3 Dec 7th
One Says, Run Run Run Poem kbissainthe5 1 Dec 7th
One Greco-Egyptian Love Spell Poem and_hera_met_zeus 1 #love #hate #madness #insanity Dec 7th
The poet SS Poem SSmoothie Dec 7th
Sadness in my heart Poem AngelofDarkness Dec 7th
Being Broken Poem AngelofDarkness Dec 7th
Perishing Forever Poem AngelofDarkness Dec 7th
Wondering Poem AngelofDarkness Dec 7th
The Pleasure About Life is Knowing that Death Follows Poem AngelofDarkness Dec 7th
Embracing Death Poem AngelofDarkness Dec 7th
Tired of Fighting Poem AngelofDarkness Dec 7th
Devour & Indestructible Poem AngelofDarkness Dec 7th
No Shelter Poem AngelofDarkness Dec 7th
On the ledges of thy sweet by dove Poem SSmoothie 5 Dec 7th
For you Poem EvieTravieAllie 2 love, relationship Dec 7th
Insanity Poem AngelofDarkness 2 Dec 7th
Down Pour Poem EvieTravieAllie 4 distance, love, Passion, relationship, Young Dec 7th
Your Way Poem RoC 8 Dec 7th
OCTOBER LOVER Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 7th
Beautiful Poem DazedByLife Dec 7th
Feeling like Humpty Dumpty Poem DreamingNightmares Dec 7th
Ambition- left the thoughts of dreams Poem alkaharuno dreams Dec 7th
FAR ACROSS THE DISTANCE..! Poem pbenarumairaj 3 Life/ephemeral/longing for a life of eternity Dec 7th
THE MISSING LIST Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 7th
History (If It Tomorrow You Wish To Make Then Today You Must Think) Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Dec 7th
Christmas Delights Sonnet Poem Anonymous 3 Dec 7th
Still love again Poem EvieTravieAllie 4 break up, change, Hope, love, Passion Dec 7th
To My Beloved Poem nightlight1220 2 Larry Joe Prince Dec 7th
Phoenix Poem bishu Dec 7th
New Nitelight Poem bishu 8 Dec 7th
on your mind Poem absolem 2 Dec 7th