A River Runs

Vintage Words


To wish for a river that never arcs

is the same as asking for rain's

dilemma. Water purifies itself, tears

fill glasses, a season passes, 

the river runs


Floating is easier when the river

is swift. Silt sifting asks the best

dirt to conspire but it is too late.

The river flows. Grains of sand

understand how and why

the river runs. 





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MonteThePoet's picture

love how you painted

You painted a vivid imagination I felt like I was there great read.

If your heart is not 100% in it then you're not fully committed! 

allets's picture

Glad You Were There

A read from Monte The Poet is always refreshing and well come - Stella




Lady A


Poetic_Eyes's picture

liked it

liked your poem from the title to the words to the format. you took something seemingly simple and turned it into something extraoridary. 

allets's picture

Thanks Eyes

Glad you enjoyed - Lady A

Lady A