My Childhood Memories

I had a childhood,

Full of bitter-sweet memories,

I can’t help thinking of my friends, good,

Ever turned up performing sweet responsibilities.


So lovely the moments were,

Angling, singing, hiking, acting and playing,

Used to be my routine regular,

Happiness to me was something that study would never bring.


How can I not remember?

Collecting stamps,

Roaming from one place to another,

  And into the pond those crazy jumps.


The rendezvous with the bosom friends,

And the sweet fights,

Returning home late after flying kites as if it had no ends,

If power-cut peeked, I would run outside to enjoy the starry nights.


Oh those fallen mangoes!

During the violent northwester,

And the competition among us,

To be the best collector, the winner.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the 4th line, the term 'sweet responsibilities' has been taken form the famous quote by Kahlil Gibran- “Friendship is always a ‘sweet responsibility’, never an opportunity”.


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