For you

I'd leap into the stars-

for you.

Search the end of the earth-

to prove my adoration.

If there's anything, you need-

I'm there.

One thought of me-

I'll be craddled in your essence.


I send my blessings-

to you.

I ask God to-

make your dreams come true.

If only you can see-

what your existence meant to me-

you'd cherish all the love that I share.


I'd do anything-

I swear.

If you needed-

Love that would never expire.


I'm here.



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"...I'm NOT there." ??? I'm there-would balance nicely with I'm here at the end. Is this a typo? Cradled is a nice vocabulary pick  ~ Lady A ~






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It was a typo!! thanks sooo

It was a typo!!

thanks sooo much <3