No Longer Who I Was

Vintage Words


I now see


was surely



we had first



You looked

down or looked



I've changed

and look up,

not back and I

am no longer

who I was.


You may

now see me 

as I am.

I, unclouded,

see you more








Author's Notes/Comments: 

The older I get, more clarity happens 09-12-20 ~S~

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A bit of myself in this. An

A bit of myself in this. An interesting read.

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Change As Growth

I used to go home and an old friend said everytime I see you you are a different person. She had changed too but did not realize her differences. Change equals growth, besides to remain the same would be a dull life, dare to be different - it's life, do a lot of them (or am I insane) Yes, be insane and dare anyone to challenge your right to be somebody else (this year). Love ya ~allets

Lady A


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Sounds like me. I've changed

Sounds like me. I've changed so much in the last 3 years. Become the woman my mother tried to destory. And I love it!

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Rebellion Works!

We never interfere with the growth of others in my family, good or bad. We drop hints and move on, waiting for advancement or disaster, celebration or the funeral or trip to the prison - we have not learned the offices of love and the meaning of true intervention - It will take generations. I need to write the book: what to tell your children to make them rich when they grow up. It needs writing. Be well ~allets

Lady A