When we open our eyes to the world we can see her beauty everywhere.

from the colors of the trees to the birds that populate the air.


When we open our eyes to the world and see the beauty she imparts

We can’t help but feel joy in our souls and love within our hearts


When we close our eyes to the world…some of her vibrancy fades away

We begin to see the colors around us in quite a different way.


When we close our eyes to the world…we no longer see the beauty she imparts

We allow prejudice to touch our souls and hate to invade our hearts.


I believe our eyes all start out equally…free to see beauty everywhere…

urging all of us to feel the joy…and love that floats upon the air.


Sight is a fragile sense, however…and so easily we can lose it

depending on those around us…and how we’re taught to use it. 


But even if we’re taught in such a way our eyes become impaired…

There is a silver lining…for sight can be repaired.


Which leads to a hope…a dream if you will…that one day all our minds will be free

that prejudice will fade into the past…when we are again taught how to see.


When we again open our eyes to the colors all around us 

again look out on the world and see

the beauty in our differences…


the beauty in our diversity.

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*Look At Me*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Look at me

Look past the clothes

Look past the skin

Look into the soul

Tell me what you see

My heart does not play around

Hurt my feeling you made a sin

God brought us together

He is the one that found

The beautiful relationship to be 

The one that will last forever

God knows it will be him

A broken heart....In pieces...Never

In this passionate love we will swim

Trueness is forever

Fate brought us to one another

Hearts intwined are even better

We will wear on us a heart to show our love

It replaces the scar-let letter

Our relationship will fit tighter then a glove

We will never neglect

True romance will reflect

Treat eachother with respect

Promise truthfully we will never part

Promise I will not get a broken heart


Look at me

I hate the way I must be

Can't you see

I liked you from the start

I would not want you to leave my sight

If we disagree

Lets not fight

Promise you'll keep away the fears

Help me with the hurt

Keep away the tears

Do not be a tease

Playing with my mind

My love is what I will freeze

Trying to hurt me is so unkind

Be sweet to me 

You'll see what you find

Let our spirits free 



Look inside

sick of paging

Hope you had not lied


Such sins

Finding out the truth I've cried


It just begins

Leaving eachother

Look at me 

Look beyond

Can't you believe

That we have a special bond

So I guess this means I have to leave



*Untitled 9*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Where to begin where to end 

When to say when how to win

My love is all I want to send

To be with you 

To hold your hand 

To really know you is to know

To take a stand

To be a friend 

To say hello good-bye good day goodnight 

To tell the one you love 

What a sight 

To forgive after a fight 

Finding bad news 

Holding eachother while taking a snooze

Taking care of each others heart 

Saying you love 

Trying not to fall apart

Promising people won't shove

A perfect fit as tight as a glove

Missing each other 

Kissing one another 

Always tell the truth

No matter how scared you may be

If your love is true

You'll understand you'll see

I can't wait till that day you look up at me 

While your on one knee

When I met you 

My skies they turned blue

Baby you're the one for me 

Don't ask how I just know

So please don't set me free




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may change it a little. I don't know yet. What do you think?

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*A Night So True*

Sun 5/25/2008 8:29 AM 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

As we hold eachothers hand 
It brings my heart to beat fast 
May this be it could he be my #1 man 
Wanting this feeling to forever last 


As you glide your fingers through my hair 
I dont want this night to end 
But of course it must nothing in life is fair 
I wonder if we'll become more then just a friend 
But for now i must let your warmth go 
Telling by your kiss 
Your return will be soon i just know 
A night so true noother man can match this 


I will hold on to tonight 
The warmth of your hand 
I will remember your gorgous sight 
Soon again by eachothers side well stand 



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*An Angel By Light*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

After we past away 
And the new life we must go on to 
We'll see a darkness at first 
But then our soul will be awaken 
From an angel of light 
It's not mistaken 
But it's a gorgeous warming sight 


Now it's up to God to decide 
If this life was wrongfully taken 
And if so It's not your time 
To go on to your next mission 
Because you have not yet reached your prime 


Take care of your unfinished business 
Then you may return 
By the angels sight 
Flying so high on a soft feathered wing 
And by then your next life you'll have earned 
Such excitement it'll bring 


After the sadness has passed you 
It wont take too long 
You did great in your past 
Now it's time to move on strong 
Because you'll have those memories that last 


So when you see a beam of light 
That looks bright as the sun 
You'll see an angel flight 
Then you'll know you are the chosen one 
So if all unfinished business is done 
Please with gods angel don't fight 
A place in the heavens you've won


An angel by light 
Is the most greatest thing 
This angel will take you to the greatest heights 
To Gods love This angel will bring 



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*Forbidden Love*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Between the two of us
Is where our feelings remain 
I don't know why he is making a fuss
My respect he will not gain

Not as long as the subject is about the skin
It's about the feelings between us two
No matter what way I look at it I cant win
I'd probably be disowned if he ever knew

But at this point I don't care
I cant ignore this feeling
We have this magic we share 
It all has a meaning 


So why cant he understand 
Why cant he see past the color
It's that I don't want to be with no other man
Explain? Why do I bother


Forbidden love between two
Why can't he let things be 
These feelings I wish he knew
The magic we hold I wish he could see


Between the two
We care for each other
I'll never feel the way you always do
No matter what he and I will always be together


But no he's stubborn to try
These feelings the two of us share 
I'm so upset I can cry
About the skin I wish he wouldn't care


These feelings kept to myself
All building up I feel like I could die 
I keep this book on the shelf
It's because I freely cant wear these feelings on my shirt
It's not fair
This negativity is making me hurt
The way I feel he doesn't care


The way I feel means nothing to him 
He has nothing positive to say
To him this love he doesn't believes in 
For God to change his mind I pray


Each and every night 
I just want him to look into his heart
And hopefully look past the sight 



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*The Angels Are Coming Down*


Trisha M. Barrek 

At night when your sleeping and not awake 
Everyone's life is at stake 
Because sooner than you think 
Your life can slip away 
It can disappear before you blink 
And your loved ones can be putting you in your grave the next day 

so before the angels collect their souls 
Live the life with the ones you care for 
And reach your deepest goals 
Tell the ones you love tell them your secrets 
Since you couldn't tell them before 


Because the time is coming near 
The angels are coming down 
They're so silent not even a mouse can hear 
Because an angel doesn't make a sound 


While your under your warm cover 
They can be preparing a spot in the heaven 
For the one next to you the one you care about even your lover 
That persons time could be near that person could go at eleven 


There is nothing you can do 
When it is that persons time to go 
All of a sudden that person could be saying good-bye to you 
You can never tell who the angel will come to take 
You really don't know 


No one can predict the future 
Or understand why they forget the past 
All you know is you want it to last 
And keep the beautiful sight God gave 
you don't want to lay in your grave


You don't want to experience the nature of depths of hell 
No one wants to believe what goes on below 
So listen to God on what he wants to tell 
Let your heart see on what to you he wants to show 


When you see the warm shining light 
And the angels come down to greet 
You will know its your time to leave 
Because to God you're on your way to meet 
He will take care of those left behind 
This you do know 
And to you he will always be kind 


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I'm Untouchable


I'm untouchable

Floating in the midst

Of my perfect existence

Becoming radiant

In all of my everything

Shining like the sun

Defeating darkness

Cause I'm shielded from all

This green armor stands

I'm reasoning

The underlying understanding

Of everything that passes

So subjected

To the bouncing emotions

That feed my soul

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Will We See Again

Will this night ever end?

Will this darkness ever bend?

Can these clouds above be ever torn,

To let shining light be born?

Can we be rid of this blinding blight?

Can we be again granted sight?

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