It Would Take (More Than) A Miracle


Miracle, I look for you thrice more
Bring the shadow of what we once were
We've been given two chances
One for me, a second for you.
Reason restrains the hope of another


The heart in me begs a whisper with you
"We shine so bright my love"
"My dearest, we'll go so far, I know"

Enchanting in retrospect, I'd hate to taint that
Forced logic and tattered pride deny my desire


Evermore ache for your true love touch

Yet no matter how hard I want

I know deep down, I can never have

Still, you are my north star
So beautifully out of reach


- ¡¿†¥lΣ®?!


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Love Bug

You give me butterflies

Those colourful, hyperactive kind

That never stop.

They flutter away,

Bringing my spirits high

From my guts, in my tummy

To my throat, back to my heart

Over and over again.


You make me jitter,

I swear, I burn like I'm having

High fever.

I know I'm hot,  ;)

But this one goes beyond

My temperature limit, I can't help it

Your love is infectious

And I don't need a cure.


You make me want to scream,

And paint love in this gray town

With cheesiness.

My skin will explode

With thoughts of you, love for you

I can't contain this happiness

This craziness- I'm under your spell,

One glance - you've tamed this rebel.

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10Feb10 - @ Beer La’gu…’happy heart’s disease’. ;)



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Steal my hear away

To a land where all dreams


Take my hand,

Stretch these broken wings,

Lead me to where the angels

Vanish the gloom.

Let me embrace the

Life that should be.

Fluttering, flying

Far, far away –

Pain is irrelevant

As thoughts of you haunt me.

Like traces of rain in drought,

I find no relief, no respite

Without you by my side.

Steal my heart away,

Vanish the dark, the gray – the cold.

You, with me – is a colourful world.

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01Feb13 – Dinner @ The Little Cottage, Penang Island. ‘Fly, Rain, World’, theme given by Jes.


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