Chalk & Cheese

Vintage Words


Before I die

I'll have a last look

at that face.

I'll leave smiles

and many moments

to cherish when

I am dust.


Breathe in breathe

out. It's all the

difference between

chalk & cheese,

they wisely say.


If I am chalk, stand

before the blackboard

and write my equation.

If cheese, I would

be honored to be stuck

in your teeth for a while

after I am gone.









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this was a very intense, interesting read. i'd prefer not to be dead or think of other's dead, but you have your rights to think that way. i'd rather you to be chalk than cheese stuck between teeth. very creative, intense, full of imagery, and thought provoking. great write.

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Belated Thanks

For reading my meanderings :D

Lady A


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Sweet Is As Sweet Does

It has been a very long time since anyone called a poem of mine, "Sweet". I feel sugary all over - like a doughnut with sprinkles sweet - Oh Clinton, you make my day. TTYL, gotta go be sweet somewhere. Thanks for the read ~allets~

Lady A