Don't wake me up

Dont wake me up!!

A world full of loneliness and sadness

Full of frauds and fouliness 

Glooms and despair everywhere 

Cant survive ,Fresh air nowhere!!

Dont wake me up.

May be ,i will die!!!


Wonder how people live

Happiness and sadness trapped in one soul

In a twist of time the entire moment falls

Hypocrats they are!!

Liers at par.


Dont wake me up!!

People afraid of burp

Afraid of speed brakers

Scared of dying,scared of chasers

Scared of their real themselves.

Dont show what they have,

Show us what they dont.

Scared of trying,scared to speak up.

Trapped in their mouths

A miilions of words,ready to be out

Dont wake me up

May be,i will die.


Life is what we get once

So show up what you have

Speak up what you want to

Do what you wish

The world will adjust.

Kill the demon of fear and you will be the winner,the ultimate winner.

That day ,wake me up!!

May be i will survive,

May be ,i will not die that day!!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are not meant for the world,the world is meant for us.Its just the perception that counts!!

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The Blind Hobo - A Pantoum

The Hobo walks a lonely road

a poor soul carried by the breeze

his memories his only load

the only things the blind man sees.


A poor soul carried by the breeze

his guide the ripples of a stream

the only things the blind man sees

are places such as this. A dream.


His guide the ripples of a stream

the blind man walks,his prayers a song

are places such as this a dream?

to find a place to be. Belong.


The blind man walks,his prayers a song

his memories his only load

to find a place to be, belong

the Hobo walks a lonely road...

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New Beginnings

Tortured soul,

Come immerse thy soiled vessel

Within my cleansing pool of forgiveness.


Replenish thy love starved heart

With the sustenance 

Held within my being.


Renew thy passion 

With soothing words 

Whispered softly  

To thy slumbering spirit.


Embrace the beauty

of thy true self  

That shines bright

Within my minds eye.


And thy renewed essence

Will guide you anew

Towards forgotten dreams


And wonders yet to be revealed

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some live for ever

We live we die 
But some live forever 
Maybe not proved by science 
But surely proved by our minds 

In this big world 
With so many people dispersed 
some free themselves 
from the oblivion's curse 

And live among us 
Some where near our souls 
Who keep dissipating their views 
But we ignore their virtuous thoughts 

But there are some who 
Pay attention to their minds 
And live for a purpose 
For entire human kind 

And thus they make them immortal 
And thus goes the life lever 
Some live some die 
But some live forever 

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