true self

The power of True Self & Here Now

Chest aches

Past and future occur all at once

Here Now.

Oh, how I do not know how to feel about this.

Oh, how I know there are too many emotions at once

to be able to choose a response.

Who I was, Who I will be

they shift and rearrange

according to who I am

right now.

There is nothing but right now!

All time packed into a little moment

a breath

these tears,

the silence that pulls me,


Into the perfect direction.

Yet there is no up, down, right, left.

All directions at once

within this infinite circle

of here and now.

Who is writing this?

It couldn't be "me",

for I act irritable







How my personality has lead me

far away from here.

From this place where I die

and I become the infinite body

of light

that I was born to shine.

Oh how words

Oh how actions

Oh how personality

could never fully express


or define

Who is writing this

Here Now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Die to this love, and you will be shown a you that has no "you" in it.

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a girl

a girl who standing at your side

that was me

but you thought that i'm free

was wrong

i did't want to show three lines

in my mind

yes it was true that i want to free

but i wasn't free

i want to spend those minutes

with you

not with my line

laughing at your side

that was me

but trying to hide the frighten smile

thats true me

i'm not a metal that

i can hide everything from such a long

but my words don't want to see

those lines like in me

thats why my words back

but this time the smile come is mine

this is a  true smile of mine

in those hard lines in my forehead

i get my smile

thats what i need in hard time

but one day i tell them

cause they said something like that

that i have to speak

and i can't believe in my eyes cause

i get back my smile

Author's Notes/Comments: 

we have to hide something from those whom we love but in the end i found that its good to tell them

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