In the Darkest of Times

In the darkest of hours,

Light cannot be seen

With these eyes of ours,

Nor by ordinary means.


In the darkest of minutes,

Light can be seen inside;

It will guide us through labyrinths.

It is found where our spirit resides.

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Just a quick thing I wrote up

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Eighteen Hours


Checking my email address

Your name popped out of nowhere

Never seen you anywhere

Couldn't put my mind to rest


You were just a stranger

But I was just braver

So I went on to try

Maybe there's reason why


We exchanged numbers

Chatted about our lives

Had a lot of drawn smiles

Don't know where we were


Three hours of talking,

You said I made you laugh  hard

One hour of texting,

You said, "I'm looking forward"


Just when I thought you were the best

You proved me you were like the rest

For some reason, you apologized

For some reason, I do not know why


You left without notice

You left my world hanging

I tried to reach out

But you put me down


What did I do to make you change your mind?

Eighteen hours, I had hope

What did I do that you played like a child?

All those hours, I felt home


Maybe this is your usual game

Maybe you fool people this way

Breaking hearts in a blink

Drowning hopes as they sink


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Eyes of serpentine

the grip of each day grow's tighter... my head keeps feeling lighter..
my heart is falling too heavy to bare.. my throat is clenching..
i'm sorry.. I think I need air... why did you ever bother to care...? 
intoxicated by your gaze.. I don't regret not keeping our distance...
but I didn't know how much I would miss the way your eyes looked, subtle & penetrating, before we'd kiss..
I could sit with you for hours..
watching your hand rolled cigarette burn..
smoke elevates to the corners of your ceiling..
no longer am I granted with such a simply wonderful feeling.
I don't need you anymore!
.. but i'll always be there, to care.. even if you think i'm not.. 
no matter how far out I could be.. doesn't matter who you're with.. 
my love isn't blind.. so don't think I can't see..
the distance between us now means nothing to me.

Don't count the flowers..

in the darkest of hours, we count the flowers..

we blink our eyes, & in countless seconds, they wither & die..

even the fragrance slips away.. the petals dry out, & make that sad crunchy sound.. 

did someone forget to change the water in the vase..?

maybe they never should of been put into a bouqet.. 


scatter the remains across a green field, you get down & kneel..

looking off into the horizon, you pray.. 

God why, why couldn't they of been saved...? 

collapse into the grass, take a deep breath, at last..

your hands graze over the dead flowers, & clovers.. 

looking into the bleak sky, those eyes had nothing left to give..

so just cry.. this is the life you've lived.

no rain.. only clouds..

no light.. just that painful sound..

the wind caressing limp petals off the ground, to somewhere they can have inner peace.

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