And She Started Trembling!

There she was, staring at me,

I could not see her clearly,

Yet felt that she wanted to enter,

I went to the window to have a look at her.


She looked extremely gorgeous,

My skin started feeling her presence,

I couldn’t control myself, speaking honestly,

Just started tasting with my eyes her beauty.


A dog barking on regular intervals I could hear,

Somewhere far,

Yet I concentrated on her glow,

That perhaps just then I alone came to feel, to know.


I decided to mix myself with her existence,

Removing all the distance,

And dragged myself towards the window,

Moved the curtain little so.


I wasn’t afraid of any one,

This was to be done,

While through the window I let her come in,

Something happened, she and I started trembling!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the poem, 'she' refers to the moon. The speaker wants to feel the moonlight in a better manner. That's why, he goes to the window to move the curtain so that the light can enter the room in abundance. However, an earthquake makes its presence felt and the speaker starts trembling and he thinks that the moon is trembling as well.

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