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Conversation from the Veins

Give me a chance to show you why you should be mine.... all i need is two chairs a table and a little bit of time.... in case you get thirsty... i already ordered the wine.... water as well... ill let you decide.... i understand your past so no need to lie.... tell me all of your fears... its ok to cry..... i got your back rain or shine.... i can be the reason you look forward to smile..... tell me your wants and needs don't be shy.... i can definitely please i'm that guy.... ill put your fantasies to sleep...... then you wake up beside me..... cant you feel the breeze.... sand grips your feet....there's just something about the beach....  beauty that's combined with peace..... listen to the waves... the conversation gets deep.... i'm the man you need....you make me complete...everybody is different... that's what makes us unique....i just want to make you happy...just wait.... you'll see...ill leave the tip...then remove your seat...open the door for you....then walk you across the street....i enjoyed our conversation...we will meet next week...i know its hard for you...i know he's a creep....but you say you love him...i find that hard to believe...only you can determine the outcome....it's not up to me....being in love and loving someone...makes a big difference to me...you're on the wrong side baby...just meet me at the beach

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The House in Blue Heaven

You appeared like a queen that created of angle skin, 
Nothing compare I who appeared with a broken wing. 

I closed my eyes just to have you in my fanciful world, 
Just both of us where I can freely ask you to dance with me. 

But unfortunately whenever I close my eyes, the little 
Boy inside my soul cries of missing the first kisser on my cheek. 

I had to open them quickly so I can take some tears 
Away from my little boy before he gets drowns of his own tears. 

My mother she asked me of why am I crying right know 
While you were dancing like my favourite blue butterfly. 

Your eyes itself can be the only one to defined those tears 
In my eyes which is why you took me to dance with close to you. 

Sweats started coming over my face of the dance moves, 
Don't touch it cause this is the map for us to run away from here. 

To go in a higher level of love which needs someone like you 
So I could be easily capable to create our unknown dirty desires. 

No one can find out since we will be there together in the 
House in the blue heaven and not the house on Blue Heaven street. 

We finally went there nudes just like Adam and Eve enjoying 
The different positions of the pleasure in the light and not in the dark. 

As well enjoying the taste of lips that change every running minutes 
That made our journey to be a lovely dirty desires and not unknown. 

You said our dirty desires won't be missed since we are together 
And alive in heaven and in earth as well, hopefully no one will know about it. 

Until the little boy inside my soul started coughing with a weird smile 
To find your man coming with his plane which I never knew that a cars mechanic. 

Can create or fix a plane that could easily travel to our house in heaven 
To come and step it with a Kalashnikov gun pointing at both of us. 

Standing like a powerful lion and weeping like a powerless horse 
To pulled the trigger and shoot both of us including himself without knowing 

That your skin wasn't only created of angle skin but you were an angle 
Came down to earth to spray out more love in between every single human. 

But sadly humans won't ever change they brook my left wing and the 
Evil brook my right wing which is way there isn't any way to get into

The real warm world of Paradis where my father is waiting for me. 


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Love's Taste

How sweet does love taste

The morning after

When love itself takes no victims

Only it's bearers

Who use love

Abuse love

Take love

Make love

This one month we've had all to ourselves

Every passionate kiss

And lust filled night

Has lead to this beautiful day

Breathe in the morning

For how sweet will love taste

The morning after

The bearer takes love his victim

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem came to me in two parts, one part was sitting in the pub last night, and the rest when i returned home this morning...

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The Most Beautiful Sound

      The Most Beautiful Sound


The old masters, throughout all of the ages,
Have pillaged through time, and torn through life's pages.
To simply try and find a treasure, the Most Beautiful Sound.
I laugh, serendipity is with me, for this sound I have found.

I do not know if this sound, she has comprised by choice,
But this sound, is the comfort of an angelic voice.
This voice soothes my soul, and let's me see
It is without flaw or blemish, and consoling to me.

It a voice so pure, like the finest gold.
A voice a voice, that to me, shall never grow old.
And like gold, this voice is rare.
To simply hear it, my life will lose all care.

A voice is just a voice, if it does not come from an honest heart.
But this heart rings true, as it is a priceless piece of art.
A piece of art so immaculate, I cannot explain.
I can say though, that this art is an art that drives me insane.

At dawn each morning, when I wake.
I ask Him above, for my own sake.
What did I do to deserve it, just a simple clue.
A clue to why I deserved to meet you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know it needs to be refined. I just really want some honest, critical opinions. I value critique more than I value half assed fake compliments. Thank you!

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Love’s child

My seed has been planted

In the soil of thy intimate garden

Held safe and warm

In the confines

Of thy nourishing womb.


Electrical impulses charge atoms

Genetic strands are animated

Nucleus expands,

Cells divide into a chaotic cohesion of life

Held together by love

Absorbed from thy inner being


Our future is born anew

As our legacy of passion lives on

Living proof held true within the vessel

Of our loves creation



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Eternal Flame

The flames still strong

And the light is burning bright 

as it did when you ignited it

On our very first night.


This unbridled passion 

Still lives in my soul

and the physical attraction

I’m still unable to control


Mind-boggling emotions

Still envelope my being

As it’s your enticing form

In my dreams I am seeing


Our years have not diminished

The love we still share

The way we stay true

And how we show we care


Bestowed this wondrous gift

From the universal unknown

we are rewarded with happiness

in our devotion that’s shown


So I look at you now

with a little more age in your face

but as beautiful as ever

as you’ve aged with such grace


I am blessed to have had you

For so many wonderful years

So full of joy and happiness

It brings me to tears


I love you even more 

Than that very first day

And grateful that through the years

You’ve decided to stay 


Every day with you is a pleasure

And not one of them is the same

But one thing has been constant

It’s my loves eternal flame.

A vampire's wish

To bathe in ones virgin crimsons oil

To feel your pale supple skin between my teeth

To taste your inner flesh as I bite inserting my toxin

Listening for the pop as my teeth sink into your sumptuous skin

Salivating over your god given salty fruit

Watching as blood trickles down your dainty neck

Flowing down your chest traversing your twin peaks

Coming to rest engulfing your belly button

Where I place pouted lips sucking your nectar

Filling my veins with your life’s essence

Copulating blood cells in a frenzied dance

Listening as your heart slows to a null distant sound

Anticipating the change happening within

Waiting for that last breath of life to caress my face

Watching as your beauty transforms before my very eyes

Eyes turning to blackened blood red

As you stare into my soulless eyes

watching your reflection as skin becomes ash white

Your veins, blacken to become truly my bride

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i have an apitiete for love 

needing afection to satify my craving of desperation

i no longer have patients

i cant stand seperation

i need love dedication with out it so much confusion and fustration

so much stress i need a love vacation

i need love like my education

to balance my life where is the woman participation?

my heart screams out for your direct location

when our souls connect it take us to diffrent places

the minister can handle all the paper work and cases

i just need love my heart is paceing 

its raceing to your heart 

like a car from the start to the finish line

i must confess true love is blind

i need love that conpationate, sincere, and kind

i will do anything to make u mine i just need now your love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem because i been searching

for love and also been alone for sometime without

no love or affection


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A night of passionate love........

Hands tied, eyes shut, closed lies 
Life in full bloom but breathing denied. 
Couldn't fly, freedoms expired
Crawled into the bed that was occupied. 

Waves in the air, air in the waves 
Is it a part of the hollow inside? 
Lost sweat, lost force in a haze 
No heaviness on the leaf, no pride. 

Hands tied, height feeling light 
Inhaled darkness while being survived 
Imagined daylight, imagined deprived 
Eventually it's the dull silence of being fragile. 

Revolting nerves, broken ships of hope floating aside 
Dissolved in sweat between the sheets of desire 
Means to the end, end with no means 
Something, which we always agreed. 

Hands Tied, Diminished sight 
Forbidden love forgotten vibe 
Lived one emotion, another died 
Insatiable sensations, incorrigibly encouraged 

Ropes will be cut, prices would be paid 
Divvied up in two it will in half divide 
We will wake up though, 
….exhausted & side by side 

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