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I asked the rising sun, with its many

aspects and essences, to shine light

upon everyone alive who is seeking their

way across dark landscapes. Sun, please

give a lumen or better to end darkness

for animals who refuse to think in shade.


I wished for sand castles and mansions

to house the need of everyone ever born.

But, I am a dreamer. Cold, infested hovels

are all that is here and available. The masses

refuse to dream and do the dream.


I have been introduced to despair and hurt

and apathy. In fact, I have them tatooed

to my skin. I exist post trials that probably

would have killed the ability to think

in most people. The scars faded

but I know they are there.


It is with caution that I hope now.

I have decided to leave optimism

in my back pocket, retrieved only 

when potential shows up. There

are entirely too many needing humans

to spend ink or breath on.


I once heard a prophecy that waiting 

for the world to end was a waste of time.

Sages know it is better to eat apples 

by the peck and cherries by the tree full

then wait for cooked food.


These are simply rambling notions

that may or may not become actions.

Greed is a human characteristic no one

can asuage. Change is a sub-definition

of impossibility. Like a real thing, I feel

death come close whispering interestingly 

odd theories.


Greed rubs off in time, was the hope.

I admit to being wrong about that.

If I had money, I'd give it away and keep

enough to buy a yacht so I could be








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oppositionalism ~S~

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I explore the darker shore. It keeps me optimistic. - slc

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