Monthly Archive for April 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Fuck It Poem K-S 3 Apr 1st
MAYBE Poem chris Apr 1st
GOOD V. EVIL Poem chris Apr 1st
CORNER STORE Poem chris Apr 1st
SMALL TOWN Poem chris Apr 1st
I WANT MY MONEY Poem chris Apr 1st
TRYING TO BELONG Poem chris 1 Apr 1st
AT THE RIVERS EDGE Poem heatherburns35 searching Apr 1st
keep that smile Poem gabz foward Apr 1st
Till' the last rose dies Poem gabz lies Apr 1st
All Alone Poem Poet_KVA Apr 1st
I Wish Poem gabz Apr 1st
from Waiting Poem gabz Apr 1st
THE POETRY KIOSK Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Apr 1st
just another girl Poem gabz Apr 1st
You Left Poem Deo_grá Apr 1st
Only You Poem Deo_grá Apr 1st
Why? Poem Deo_grá Apr 1st
don't know Poem 420skater Apr 1st
Backwards Poem KemistryKia bad relationships Apr 1st
on Day of Fool (nothing personal) Poem princealexander 1 POETRY Apr 1st
Monster Poem X_jewel_X Apr 1st
01 - The Fox Confessor bears the truth. Poem kragey Apr 1st
02 - Afraid Poem kragey Apr 1st
03 - lash Poem kragey Apr 1st
04 - World Hungers Poem kragey Apr 1st
05 - When I burn my frock on the Ides of March, I will smile beatifically. Poem kragey Apr 1st
06 - cocotte Poem kragey Apr 1st
07 - stamp collection Poem kragey Apr 1st
08 - Life in a Tree Hollow Poem kragey Apr 1st
09 - My Little Army Poem kragey Apr 1st
10 - eulogy for white Poem kragey Apr 1st
11 - the eyes of Asher Poem kragey Apr 1st
12 - The Gallery Poem kragey Apr 1st
13 - Paper Cup Poem kragey Apr 1st
14 - Glitter Monkey Poem kragey Apr 1st
15 - Harpy Poem kragey Apr 1st
16 - Bulimia Poem kragey Apr 1st
17 - Unison Poem kragey Apr 1st
18 -The Mother of Horses Poem kragey Apr 1st
19 - if birds were dreams Poem kragey Apr 1st
20 - Maybe I Am Crazy Poem kragey Apr 1st
21 - Picadelly pinwheels Poem kragey Apr 1st
22 - Forgotten Friend Poem kragey Apr 1st
23 - nocturne of the mind Poem kragey Apr 1st
24 - The Women of the Luncheon Club Poem kragey Apr 1st
25 - Nun Poem kragey Apr 1st
26 - echo Poem kragey Apr 1st
27 - How the Attis of Upper Manhattan Pined Poem kragey Apr 1st
Two Friends Poem anexod Apr 1st
A ROSE BOUQUET--EIN ROSENSTRAUB--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 a rose Apr 1st
A ROSE BOUQUET--UN ROSA BOUQUET--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 un rosa Apr 1st
Your Paradise Poem BrightEyes89 beliefs Apr 1st
A ROSE BOUQUET--UNA ROSA BOUQUET--ITALIANdi tornare al suo bouquet. Poem heatherburns35 una rosa Apr 1st
CLUTCHING AT A STRAW Poem emmenay feelings Apr 2nd
A POOR LIFE THIS... Poem emmenay A Tapestry of Life love Apr 2nd
ONLY GOD'S LOVE IS TRUE Poem emmenay A Tapestry of Life love Apr 2nd
Still Cheating Poem KemistryKia Cheating heartbreak heartbroke stalking busted caught sad cry in love Apr 2nd
SOME RAINBOW OF CLICHES* Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 2nd
Come On, Love Explode Poem wishful_thinking 1 Apr 2nd
Summer Wonder Poem anexod Apr 2nd
I miss you Poem ZoeyT Apr 2nd
Don’t Leave Without Him Poem trumpet7 Apr 2nd
My Pain Poem RosesHaveThorns88 2 Apr 2nd
Poetical lament on current USA foreign policy Poem princealexander politics Apr 2nd
Self- Sabotage Poem Avantgarde 4 Apr 2nd
EMOTIONS--EMOTIONI--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 emotions Apr 2nd
EMOTIONS--EMOTIONEN--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 emotions Apr 2nd
EMOTIONS--EMOCIONES--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 1 emotions Apr 2nd
VEHICLES OF LANGUAGE Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 2nd
"My Weakness" Poem misterchow happiness sorrow love sadness thought Apr 2nd
WHAT GIVES LIFE A MEANING Poem emmenay Life and love Apr 2nd
Don't Give Up Poem RosesHaveThorns88 Apr 2nd
THE FLURRY OF YOUR ADORING PEN* Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 2nd
SAYANG Poem vilmazab 4 love poems Apr 2nd
Ang Dami Naman 'Dyan Poem vilmazab 2 Apr 3rd
SHAMELESS THIEVERY * Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 3rd
The Monster Poem VillifiedMofo 2 Apr 3rd
My Triumph Poem VillifiedMofo Apr 3rd
SPRING ANGEL Poem emmenay being in Love Apr 3rd
Never Goodbye Poem ILoveYouKimberl... Apr 3rd
Kyle.. Poem ZoeyT Apr 3rd
Tears. Poem ZoeyT Apr 3rd
Written in the same flame hand (Revised) Poem coffeewithleona... Apr 3rd
IN THE SOMEWHERE-IN QUALCHE-ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 somewhere Apr 3rd
IN THE SOMEWHERE-IN DER SOMEWHERE-GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 somewhere Apr 3rd
IN THE SOMEWHERE-EN EL LUGAR-SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 somewhere Apr 3rd
I Await the Day Poem VillifiedMofo Apr 3rd
Caught in His Web Poem metaphorist Apr 3rd
The Object of My Obsession Poem metaphorist Apr 3rd
Miss You Poem crimsonangel24 Children, love, marriage, missing him Apr 3rd
Coat Poem crimsonangel24 2 boyfriend, love, warmth Apr 3rd
Love Lessons Poem crimsonangel24 Lessons, love Apr 3rd
Two Connected Hearts Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriend, Connection, love Apr 3rd
What You Think Poem crimsonangel24 Devil, hell, vainity Apr 3rd
Quotes II Poem RosesHaveThorns88 Apr 3rd
Bittersweet Sin Poem deepblue 4 confrontation Apr 3rd
Walkin Down My Path Poem crimsonangel24 heaven, no fall, painful walk, praying Apr 3rd
Reincarnation Poem RosesHaveThorns88 Apr 3rd
Wishes Of A Jaded Girl Poem crimsonangel24 broken wings, Demons, fair, jaded, wishes Apr 3rd
Stealing Back My Soul Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriend, Pain, soul, SOULESS Apr 3rd
Dirty Hands Poem crimsonangel24 angel, disdain, grow, lamb Apr 3rd
Safe? Poem crimsonangel24 timid, trowel, walls Apr 3rd
Bittersweet Poem crimsonangel24 bitterweet, going low, Leaving, love Apr 3rd
The Give-Away Poem crimsonangel24 free, History Apr 3rd
Over And Over Again Poem crimsonangel24 coming back, hurting, over and over, Pain Apr 3rd
Realizing Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriend, excuses, Leaving Apr 3rd
Twisted Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriend, sated Apr 3rd
My God Poem RosesHaveThorns88 Apr 3rd
Illness? Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriend, flattered Apr 3rd
Thoughts Of The X-ed Poem crimsonangel24 ex-boyfriend Apr 3rd
Remodel Work Poem crimsonangel24 bricks, building, remoldeling Apr 3rd
Rusty Chrome Poem crimsonangel24 bikes, chrome, repainting, tools Apr 3rd
Gaze Poem crimsonangel24 aching, fallind, look, yearning Apr 3rd
Prelude To A Dream Poem crimsonangel24 coming, dream, near you, Prelude, yearning Apr 3rd
Tidbits Poem crimsonangel24 tidbits Apr 3rd
Dying In Heaven Poem crimsonangel24 angel, boyfriend, killed, Murder, Slay Apr 3rd
Privately Yours Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriends, feelings, love Apr 3rd
Melting Point Poem crimsonangel24 heaven, knowing, moments, timeless, Tingling Apr 3rd
Did you see me? Poem slydeviltkd Apr 3rd
The Tearful Heart Poem crimsonangel24 opposites Apr 3rd
Tread Poem loserlearner Depression, Dissapointment, drowning Apr 3rd
Through The Tears Poem crimsonangel24 heartbreak, Leaving, tears Apr 3rd
My Dream Guy Poem crimsonangel24 dreams, Fantasies Apr 3rd
At Sea Poem crimsonangel24 hurting, insecurity, pushing Apr 3rd
Sinking Poem crimsonangel24 sinking, spinning Apr 3rd
Your Love For Me Poem crimsonangel24 fake tears, relationship Apr 3rd
Blush (Rewrite) Poem metaphorist 1 Apr 3rd
Lust and Lessons Poem metaphorist Apr 3rd
Puzzle Pieces Poem metaphorist Apr 3rd
Opening Up Poem metaphorist Apr 3rd
Work-In-Progress Poem metaphorist Apr 3rd
AL ANON EPIPHANY Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 3rd
PORCH LAND Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 4th
Apologize Poem Avantgarde Apr 4th
Second Chance Poem wishful_thinking Apr 4th
for you Poem doyle51209 1 Apr 4th
Leap of Faith Poem Hopelesswriter87 Apr 4th
SPECTACULAR * Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 4th
The Future is here today Poem Poet_KVA Apr 4th
WRECKED HUMANITY EXPLAINED # Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 4th
my world Poem gabz anything is possible Apr 4th
UNBLEMISHED# Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 4th
vertigo Poem gabz lost Apr 4th
Help Poem gabz lost alone and confused Apr 4th
the unknown Poem gabz Apr 4th
Unfaithful Poem metaphorist Apr 4th
Bull’s Eye Poem metaphorist Apr 4th
Killer Poem metaphorist Apr 4th
Guard Your Heart Poem metaphorist Apr 4th
The Joke’s on Me Poem metaphorist Apr 4th
Drive Me Crazy Poem metaphorist Apr 4th
Mixed Signals Poem metaphorist Apr 4th
You Destroy Me Poem metaphorist Apr 4th
Judas’ Kiss Poem metaphorist Apr 4th
Footnote: Temperate Zone Poem Starward Apr 4th
Through The Dark Poem calculigirl03 Apr 5th
Raggedy Shoes Poem calculigirl03 Apr 5th
Chapter 3 Blood Rain Poem erlking Apr 5th
Chapter 4 The Wedding Poem erlking Apr 5th
Ten Days Before Poem calculigirl03 2 Apr 5th
A Hypothesis To Test Poem wishful_thinking 1 Apr 5th
Ch1 Poem WillowHeart Apr 5th
Ch2 Poem WillowHeart Apr 5th
Ch3 Poem WillowHeart Apr 5th
Old Wise Young Lie, Turns To Young Wise Love Poem WillowHeart Apr 5th
ILL WINDS--MALOS VIENTOS--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 ill winds Apr 5th
ILL WINDS--ILL WINDS--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 ill winds Apr 5th
ill winds--ILL VENTI--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 ill winds Apr 5th
YOUR MY LOVE--TU MI AMOR--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 amor - love Apr 5th
Turning the page Poem jessima Apr 5th
The sock Poem Arwen Apr 5th
Wandering Soul Poem Wandering_Soul85 Apr 5th
If you knew what I know Poem clutchforbalance Apr 5th
I Don't Care Poem _Imfine_ 1 Apr 5th
Listen Poem ashlyndodd 1 ashlyndodd Apr 6th
BARRACUDA JONES ESQ. Poem palewingedpoetess humorous Apr 6th
YOUR MY LOVE--ILMIO AMORE--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 amor - love Apr 6th
YOUR MY LOVE-IHR MEINE LIEBE--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 amor - love Apr 6th
A dream come true 12-21-11 Poem Deathscompanion8 Apr 6th
Demeaning God Poem trumpet7 Apr 6th
The Girl Poem VillifiedMofo Apr 6th
Said Who Poem princealexander POETRY Apr 6th
Exercise. Poem bendergender Apr 6th
And After Poem salphire5 Hope, love, relationships, romance Apr 6th
My love for you is unconditional Poem Wandering_Soul85 Apr 6th
Another Mistake Poem cole060784 1 Apr 6th
Laugh and Tears go hand in hand (variations on King Solomon's Ecclesiastes) Poem princealexander POETRY Apr 6th
Now the rose tinted glass box has shattered Poem fat_sweaty_bob Apr 6th
Baptized (Spoken Word) Poem metaphorist Apr 6th
Sunlight (Lyrics) Poem metaphorist Apr 6th
Helicopter Poem metaphorist Apr 6th
Who Could Love Me? Poem metaphorist Apr 6th
I Told You So Poem metaphorist Apr 6th
Cat-and-Mouse Poem metaphorist Apr 6th
Whipped Poem metaphorist Apr 6th
Saved Poem anexod Apr 6th
May Justice Be Done Poem fat_sweaty_bob Apr 6th
Skippy one hundered and fifteen Poem fat_sweaty_bob Apr 6th
TIRE SWING Poem chris Apr 7th
Emotional Rollercoaster Poem g3nevi3ve Apr 7th
Former Days Poem trumpet7 Apr 7th
From Saul To Paul Poem trumpet7 Apr 7th
Fallen Poem loserlearner heart, roaring emotions, unexpected love Apr 7th
You Poem loserlearner 1 decision, Memories, nostalgia Apr 7th
Future Poem ashlyndodd ashlyndodd Apr 7th
untitled Poem kayspoems Apr 7th
PLAYFUL ARGUMENTS* Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 7th
MISSISSIPPI HIGHWAY* Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 7th
it kills me Poem divysia Apr 7th
I know its wrong...but i love you Poem divysia 1 Apr 7th
Truth's Ratio Poem wishful_thinking Apr 7th
A Rose Pure and Bloody Poem Nirnaeth-Arnoediad Apr 7th
IF I COULD--SI PUDIERA--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 If I Could Apr 7th
WILL IT EVER ARREST--SECA COPAZ DE ARRESTO--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 will it arrest Apr 7th
WILL IT EVER ARREST--QUALE FUTURO I ARRESTO?--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 will it arrest Apr 7th
WILL IT EVER ARREST--WIRD ES JEMALS ZU VERHAFTEN--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 will it arrest Apr 7th
Pretty Man Poem Hunter 1 love Apr 7th
LIBYA'S REVOLT Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 7th
A Different Sort of High Poem exkaijadesatiro 6 Being Loved Apr 7th
La Reine Poem Hunter 1 love Apr 7th
Raindrops Poem mariano Apr 8th
Always Thinkin' Poem exkaijadesatiro 6 Apr 8th
literature Poem semfsteinberg alone, Hurt/Love/Pain, love Apr 8th
Cold wings Poem semfsteinberg Anger Love Separation Satisfaction Hope Apr 8th
My Puppet Mouth Just Spoke Poem wishful_thinking Apr 8th
Their Soil Poem AlejandroBonfil Apr 8th
The Failed Romance. Poem onetear2007 bad relationships Apr 8th
COSTUME JEWELRY-TRAJE DE JOYERIA-SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 jewelry Apr 8th
COSTUME JEWELRY-FANTASIESCHMUCH-GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 jewelry Apr 8th
COSTUME JEWELRY-BIGIOTTERIA-ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 jewelry Apr 8th
I Think I'm Dying Poem RosesHaveThorns88 1 Apr 9th
Cursed/Blessed Poem g3nevi3ve Apr 9th
A STRANGE HAPPENSTANCE Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 9th
AN APRIL MORN' MUSING Poem emmenay 1 Metaphysical Apr 9th
LINKED ETERNALLY Poem emmenay 2 friendship Apr 9th
The Truth That Hurts Poem dragonwolf bad relationships, personal Apr 9th
Purpose In My Trial Poem trumpet7 Apr 9th
Mending Heart Poem Morningglory 1 Apr 9th
You are Beautiful Poem fighter4life Apr 9th
DIFFICULTY-SCHWIERIGKEITSGARD-GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 difficulty Apr 9th
DIFFICULTY-DIFICULTAD--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 difficulty Apr 9th
DIFFICULTY--DIFFICOLTA--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 difficulty Apr 9th
a view Poem WillowLady nature destruction abuse, south africa, survival, tourist Apr 9th
long night (revisited) Poem WillowLady Abuse, argument Apr 9th
pipestrelles Poem WillowLady bats, evening, night Apr 9th
likeness of life Poem 9inety Apr 9th