This Is All I Can Say

I miss you, sometimes painfully,

And I love you so,

And it isn't the parts you think,

But the parts of you that glow,

It's the part only I have ever seen and loved,

I hardly know it, and yet it is the part your heart is of,

And somehow I am ashamed I never knew it,

Because to me, it's amazing...'sunlit',

Even though it's behind all your pain,

Somehow it sings my name, again and again,

But how can I ever know?

If you're afraid to let anyone in,

If you're afraid to grow?



7:44 PM 6/24/2013 ©

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Starry Eyes

I'm sorry the world taught you that love is unkind,
As a child it's taught many the same,
The notions and potions we think can buy love,
Oh dear child, believe me...there is no one to blame.


See,what all your parents keep preaching,
Isn't 'cause they are old and don't care,
They keep telling you it's not what your thinking,
Because, see, they've already been there!


A card on your birthday, a diamond necklace,
There's big cash for big businesses in what you allow to impress,
Love hasn't a thing to do with all of those,
It's your hormones that tell you such lies as you grow.


The feelings are strong and especially at first,
Be aware, don't despair, it's just teenage angst that will burst,
The world isn't ending, this life will go on,
Just remember to deal with your feelings head-on.


The heart can control, and this isn't bad,
But sometimes growing older can really make you sad,
So as long as you learn to take responsibility
For your feelings, all will be just fine....believe me!!


You'll know when love hits you, because you seek no return,
It's mere presence will shower the gifts you know you deserve,
It will water your graciousness, caudle your talent
In ways that enhance your inner beauty to be balanced.


I don't give advice because I'm no different than you,
But if I could, I would say to just "Fall in love with you",
After all, you must have something to give it away,
Love to loving all the world first, and love will be with you to stay.


It may take some time, but all the best in life does,
Be patient, be wise, be YOU...because YOU are LOVE.



4:34 PM 4/17/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Suggesting to children to love the world first to find romance.

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The Animal Called Man

The animal called man, reasons, aspires, climbs great heights,
He conjures up storms in his mind, his passions, his righteousness,
Makes blazing fires that steal the night, turns days into weeks,
Wraps them up tight, inventions sometimes bewitching his sight,
His creations can mold him, grow old with him, or control him,
And time, that exists not, his domination of all he's got,
Moments of pleasure wane with his age, as he forgets
The importance of what is still, and has always been within,
And what once was a dream of melodious, resounding rapture
Grows stagnant in the well of his heart's desire,
A hodgepodge of clutter,
As the beauty of his spirit turns from golden sparkle
To greyish hues that brandish him an outer view that begs him,
Enticing him to change what has rendered his world askew.
He arrives in a place of understanding,
And in the final hours the light shines through,
Too late, as he bids it all adeiu, his final words,
"I wish I knew".



10:30 AM 4/17/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Humanity and industry.

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I refuse to try
and feel your pain,
such an intimacy, gifted,
which each person must
tend to alone, to be lifted
from it's agony, sifted.
I can lend empathy,
bear the weight of the burden,
be the star you reach for,
for I cannot shun, as a child
birthed into sorrow
who never walks,
can never run.
Free as the wind blows,
does also the love that grows,
and being the light,
cannot come to be
without the darkness...
do you see?
Do not be fooled by those
who speak of emotions
they seek, for themselves
is who they cry for,
and it is their own ego
they will die for.
Try and imagine
connectedness and love,
are true in fashion...
...when respect
can come between what
loved ones feel,
and what is seen.
The beauty of life is not to
touch the sun, and run
from the pyre,
for underneath the tainted
flesh we become the sun,
and it's living fire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pain is a personal and intimate experience that is vital to being a light for others.

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It would seem,
At times,
That we can
Only grow,

To be as
Authentic as
What we are willing
To connect to,
And embrace
In the world.

We eventually
What we hide
From seeing
Is within ourselves,

And that
Very same thing
Which also
Repulses us,
About what we


We see

In others.



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Our experiences of pain are as worthy of validation as are our experiences of love and joy. One big error that people make is to repress and ignore the pain.  They do not realise that when they do this, they repress much of the joy and love with it.  Everyone's childhood is full of joys and sorrows, whether they acknowledge it or not.  When we can grow to accept both together as part of our reason for existence is when we begin to live in abundance.  The stages of deep trauma surface each individual in their own unique way.  There is no deadline in transcending the past, only inevitable changes that will occur due to how we choose to embrace or postpone the realities of how we allowed it to affect our personal power.











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Time & Dreams

Just For Fun

A realm which holds space, matter, life
A giant force that controls everything
The death of nations
The birth of children
The ageing and growing of life
The erosion of the earth
The degradation of society
The reaper of souls
And the house of love, life, youth, and happiness

The only thing that time cannot touch, is dreams
Dreams are time in no time at all
In a dream you can live a lifetime, to wake in 10 minutes
Or live just a moment, to wake up years later
Dreams are emotions
They are desires
They are our will manifested as we want it to be
They are when we play God
They are windows to timelessness
Dreams are where we see the past
Where we clarify the present
And even, where we glimpse the future
Gateways to eternity
Mirrors of our psyches
Doorway to the world

Sweet Dreams

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One thought…
sought over for what seems eternal
flourished raised in ways so maternal
it grows.
At incredible velocity,
thrusts through the open area contemplating some philosophy
that seems too complex to be done within the hour
the thought that grows with incredible power
keeps mind and soul awake for hours at a time.
A thought so vast and great a thought so sublime.
Creates confusion and frustration and in some ways it's an addiction
though the thought expands causing incredible affliction
its a battle between thoughts political positions, religious stances
as the copious thoughts dance to the music which so enhances.
The feeling
of the thought
fills me with
and the thought continues to grow with greater magnitude
until a small moment of peace, composure and silence
till the thought erupts once more with incredible haste
and it stems out in directions with a manner so violent
until it quiets down... and a new seed is placed
and once more begins the process a new thought is revealed
and once more the solemn contention on the lonely mind field

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Tree of Thought

Unique Poems

Once I grow a thought it shares da characteristics of a tree // rooted to da ground & spreading to every leaf // da thought carries itself so I can feel free // so I watch as my thought sails overseas // ina way its own abductee cuz it's shares no reality // a thought so strong it's like a ever lasting song // it gets trapped in ur head so u feel like there's no wrong but all along u dnt kno where it belonged // u jus agree as it manifest & feeds // killing other thoughts like u overdose on weed // hops in a banshee & goes on a killing spree // but dis thought ain't evil it's pure minded in fact // an abstract of art thats ready to a attack & subtract everything thats ready to sidetrack // it acts & reacts to every counterattack // counteracts to everything that trys to distract // precise & exact // it extracts & transacts // every other thought dat seems intact // becuz dis thought is it's own artifact // so until this thought is guaranteed it's rooted in da ground inside of me ~


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