The darkest stars

As long as there are stars to see at night
There will be problems for us outside
And there's nothing to grant you a better life
Just the expectancy of something worse
Only to be surprised with something
Probably as good as it was in the beginning
And that's how life rolls
How Earth's still turns
And how dark takes over the sun
How the stars shine along

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"Adventures of the Heart"

Just a thought!

All this time, I've been told..."Absence makes the Heart grow fonder,"

Only to find out, you're just left dazed and empty inside. You remain

Standing alone, smoldering in ashes, then drowning in a pool of sorrow,

Made from a river of your own tears to extinguish the flame.

Now you're stuck up a creek without a paddle as you plummet

Over the falls into the dark obyss, churned up in endless swells of

Self pity and loneliness.  Drenched and half drowned from swallowing

Your pride, you pull yourself up on the rocky shore, pausing for a

Moment to catch a breath and reflect back, realizing, you survived.

Now, the long walk home, weighing your options, sequencing events,

Taking in all that's happened, you are anxious, and anticipate making

better plans... for your next, wild adventure.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Adventures of the Heart"

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I Think You're All Nuts'

Just a thought!

I think you're all nuts, all stem from the same tree..

Take a look, they say "The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree."

You all just sit there everyday, dreaming someone wants you...

Waiting to be used, wanting to be picked by someone special,

Not caring who, as long as they can separate you from of your shell.

They'll take what they want, all that's good, then discard the rest.

I look down at you, picked over, crushed, used up...I see

Your shell... fractured, broken, empty... nothing left inside to grow.

I weigh my options and pass you by...    "I hear pecans are in!"

                                 Besides....."I think they're all just nuts!"

       by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"I Think You're All Nuts!"


I stand up tonight 
to an ebony galaxy,
a sky full of twilight stars,
while I am here confined to my
cognitive scars , my memories are 
my self imposed bars.
I am looking for reasons
that give meaning to the 
last 13 years that my life ,  like 
Fall was in season.
I push through the murky surface
and watch those dreams 
slip down the time stream ,
into the enveloping cold
Grief like 
gravity`s reach 
pulling me rapidly through
the ripples.
I am searching for the sorrow 
under suppression 
in a deep depression
hidden in the hollow part of me.
The time is now to release this 
negative obsession,
the bereaved , funeral procession.
I `ll give it back to you , 
the agony that comes with the rain ,
Sober and stained by the life 
me holding
the pain 
without the 
of commitment.
I am turning my back 
leaving behind my self imposed bars,
drifting alone under sapphire skies.
The next time I`ll see  " you "  ,  through the disguise.
I`ll see the past through tomorrows eyes. 


My Name is...


Seen it – own eyes – not a glance,

a present passerby

Blinded till the trice of trance,

main miser comes to lie.


Was so high, now struggle strolls,

aground the injured wings

Fatigue has taken enormous toll,

no hope but still treading.


Fallen hard but not to death

no sanity was found

Stayed submerged now seek a breath

I bear above the bound


Has been so long since gone astray,

ahead a glimpse of hope

So close but yet so far away,

nothing but lifeless lope.


Treading, treading, treading tough

at last, can lay to rest

lids shut, see the shining rough

Salvation! To my nest.


Awake to see the big blue vast

and all but joyous last

tired of the puppet thread –

tired of the puzzled head –

tired of the shutting door –

tired of letters unread –

all I can do is tread.

Perhaps I should tread……


                     ……no more.

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There is a sunset irregardless, without me,
Life carries on
Past all of the wanting and pause

Without my mistakes
The fake facsimile of of me that you've seen

Before you,
Before I started seeing my own lies

When I was one with the lies,
Before I knew the now
The thunderbolt of eerie truth
The mocking in my eyes undisguised

The reflection of me in the world
Red on your litmus test,
Red around your eyes

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