beach bunny

beach bunny

it's rare to find a
cute bunny on a beach
with a tropical rainforest

often the
price for the
oceanside homes

but why?

I'd like to contemplate
but escape
is just a word that
resemble a getaway

yet the
dreaded city streets
in my town
seemed a trap

are we all
getting stuck
just like that?

—That's what's up

where else
would I want
to go, if you may ask

It's not that my
already dimmed skin
wanted to bask

in the amber sky
but this can also sound
like doing a task

And if you OR I shall
cry one day when we
figured it is a cask

a picturesque view
it is not anymore
something that we can

still mask

ocean, oceanview, oceanside, beach, beachfront, amber sky, seashore, shore, sea

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to N.


Reedited 05.04.2024 [02:15] (Added a hashtag #escapism to the "Tags" box/space provided.)


Reedited 05.02.2024 [23:51] ("no longer"= "still" - I replaced a double negative in a verse, which was unnoticed before during its composition; therefore I had simply replaced "no longer" with "still")

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