The Beast Inside...

The beast inside…

© 2017 SachikoMochiko " Sachi Ruaya


What’s worse than killing someone? Leaving them suffering alive. Now, whether or not they suffer is up to them…


Cracks…that’s how the light comes in.


You found that someone,

Who you deem; is the last piece of you

O’ but that one…that other one just "

How long will your grip hold?



It’s a dark feeling; jealousy

Where green, grey and black swirls weave your heart

Like steel, poison ivy 



As your blood curdles and boils,

your red-laced eyes eyeball

That one who touched your precious



Your precious gem that you admire from afar.

Your precious one, who births a hazy warm chest.

Your precious half…the other fading half of you.



But you refrain from killing

And instead of making arrangements to prey,

You keep that one alive  but suffering from your fangs


Your inner beast lurks inside,

already devoured half of you and yourself.

Its true form will not feast unless you do



Your fangs…its fangs bite, drawing thick, oozy blood

Of the one you hold captive in your prison

All for that one precious one, you shed blood



Your bite…your torture…your beast

Is a reflection of the steel, poison ivy

Is a being born from your selfishness…your jealousy



But you continue to feast even when you know

Know that this beast will soon consume your flesh, Bone-clean

Because pleasure will come from ones’ suffering



You are blinded by the beast; your scarlet eyes see no more,

the beauty of your precious gem…

BlurryVivid. Pitch-black.



You have lost sight of your intentions,

And your precious gem’s light is no more

Now, you know: You. Are. Devoured.



You sit there on the bottom of the beast’s stomach

Living with the pure darkness of your own

Alone. With your crackling, dry heart -unable to love



After all, you were just blind.

Destined to lurk in darkness.



Emptiness. Your skin slowly peels off from the dry darkness

Slowly…painfully, in this prison, the veil is ripped

Revealing something undeniably powerful





The bleeding wounds of which the skin is peeled

Thus, shunned the lies and unveils the truth

The truth of you embedded inside -within the beast


The light suppresses the dry darkness 

With your passion, memories, joy and love

You slice through the belly…striving for freedom once more!



Author’s Note: 


This is one of the small fragments to ready one of my upcoming masterpiece. I will write more poems like this (having the same motivational force). WORRY is next.


© 2017 SachikoMochiko

Author's Notes/Comments: 
This is one of the "practice" poems so I can produce a higher quality work for a special someone of mine:) punctuation is bad. Just like any other poems I post here, it ain't finished. Still more reviewing to be done. But overall, I hope you enjoy XD


Jealousy, eh? Just a quick note, any poem I write is nearly always based off of my true feelings and recent events/emotions. 
"I thought it was good but felt it would be better if it was a feels like your using a lot of words which is good but feel it would make an amazing story if it had a bit more body in it... not sure what type of criticism you wanted. I think you would be amazing at writing stories I’m not being negative I agree with what the person below said just think it’s more story like xx" - Simba
"Raw and honest.Outstanding imagery in words and visuals. I can picture you in my head, shouting these words at the person this story is intended for. My only little critique is that there are more than a few harsh words used that I would have replaced with something different. He's not returning your love but you can't force someone to do so. Other than that brilliant as always I look forward to the rest of the story " Thedeus Hobbs



Within each man woman and child you will find the dark side of a husk, growing and never faltering, I am the abyss, your depression, your pain, your primordial hate; some will fall, and some will rise.

Hell itself resides within us all at some point or another, be it you next? Are you an angel or are you a thing of purgatory? Young bleeding hearts may feed my strength, I am the wolf, stalking my prey from the deep sanguine shadows; I will stain your infant world with horror.

If you stare into me I will always stare into you, the old may be blind but the young can see me just fine: the distorted siren of your soul; the holiest light may never scorch me.

Vulnerable hearts change their devotion, love for life turns to love of emotion, manifesting within yourself like a melancholy potion. Burning against your skin, my pain is cured by no lotion.

At the end of it all you're all bound to fall, after life you descend to that hellish hall, a life full of gall of posturing and acting tall you'll find your corpse a shell ever so cool.

For what am I?

The Abyss, slayer of young hearts and taker of arrogance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first EVER poem. After writing two novels I decided to try my hand in a new field of creative writing, I wouldn't expect much but any feedback is welcome nonetheless. Thank you for surviving this mess of a piece...

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In side my heart of heart's


You look in side me

Into my heart

What do you see 

Dreams, wishes and prayers 

What do you see in there that makes you want me


I look in side me

Into my heart

What do I see

Hate, pain, demons

I want to I see in there that makes you want me


We look and see nothing the same

I see what I know

You see what you know

Because of this I can grow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You never see what everyone else sees.

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A Breeze of Memory

A graveyard of dead trees

Fallen leaves of vast red and orange seas

Squirrels scurry before winter strikes

As children play while others pass on bikes


harmony of the trees an the wind come together and sing

As a bird chirps then stops to clean it's wing

Children shrieking and screaming as they play

Angry armies of cars roar past, then fly away


Memories start of when I was a kid

Only broken away by time an what it did

Sitting still only in question

Of who I am and to what is my impression


I laughed . . . I played here

I was happy unknown of fear

But then reality again breaks memory's connection

Only to be lost again, still unknown of my reflection


Author's Notes/Comments: 

annnd, here you have yet another class assignment that I did way back.


What is Okay?

Tell me, is it ever really "Okay?"

At times I wish I could disappear, away from the day.


Tell me, was it really all a mystery?

Or was I really something plagued by history?

Judge me, try to reason my scars,

Yet, were you there for  my unreasonable wars?


Did you ever set foot in my shoes?

Taken account of what brings the blues?


Tell me, does it really matter?

If I was any more the sadder?

Perhaps it's just my business, only my trouble.

Not another place to intrude into my bubble.

I'll solve my self alone, and myself alone only

Not for you to break my silence, maybe tonight, I'd just like to be lonely.


Blame my shortcomings for my scars if you dare.

For me, it just occurred, the past isn't something I ever chose to wear.



What is beauty? What is beauty?

it matters not outside

What is beauty? What is beauty?

is it not inside?

Love is beauty. Love is beauty

It should come from within

Love is beauty. Love is beauty

Please, do let it in

Love is beauty. Love is beauty

it's a precious gift to us

Love is beauty. Love is beauty


do not waste it thus



What is beauty? What is beauty?

it matters not outside

What is beauty? What is beauty?

is it not inside?

Love is beauty. Love is beauty

It should come from within

Love is beauty. Love is beauty

Please, do let it in

Love is beauty. Love is beauty

it's a precious gift to us

Love is beauty. Love is beauty


do not waste it thus

Do You Want Directions to Your Inner-Self?

Take a black felt-tipped pen?

Rip a sparkling-white piece of paper out of a fresh notebook?

Without thinking make one single dot anywhere on the page?

Without thinking make a second dot anywhere on the paper?

Thinking as hard as you can?

Draw whatever line you'd like?

You don't have to start or stop at any point?

Without thinking put the piece of paper up to a light?

Close your eyes?

Draw what you just drew on the sparkling-white piece of fresh notebook paper in your mind-eye?

Then draw it again?

Draw it backwards?

Draw it upside-down?

Then don't draw it?

Open your eyes?

Take the piece of black felt-tip inked paper and crumple it up?

Think of nothing?

Think of everything?

Can you see it?

Don't see it?

What is there to see?

What paper?


What lines?

What thought?













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cardboard memories shadows dweling in the sun..
let me touch you to know what it is to be alive..
let me feel you deep inside and surrender to you to feel that life flowing pure into your embrace..
i look to see if i live and my eyes stutter across your beautiful skin and therein lies my answer..