Two Connected Hearts


We were once two people

With a me of broken hearts

all piled up, never knowing when

We’d make a go of it, and have our starts


But then one day I woke up

And realized that I was tired

of starting over again and again

That’s when you and I got wired


We connected again just like before

And talked, just we always have

That’s when we decided

That we have always been, to each other, a salve


And that’s when we connected

Two heats with one goal

We just had to get

Our hearts out of that bowel


So we did, and now we are together

And are starting off where we left off

I know that there are some people

Who would just sit back and scoff


They aren’t gonna make it

They just may as well give up now

but we are going to make it

Lets show them how


When we do make it

And end up getting wedding bands

That will just show them

When they look at our hands



Written on

April 1, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yet again, this ones to Bri. About our connection.

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