Ripping Smiles


Yes, I have tried to find

Happiness in the small things

The sky is such a pretty blue

Remind me to thank god for the hue

A child’s innocent giggle

Love held fifty years strong

Every damned breath I take

Something in everything for heavens sake

And still all it does for me

Is tear a smile from a tired girl

And break my heart just a little bit more

Because I still wonder what its all for

So please say you love me

You’ll always be by my side

I need to hear the words, I’m so jaded

And my hearts always been faded

So I laugh so long and hard

The pain creped into your eyes

But I know things you never could

And feel things no human ever should

I know it rains and children cry

People get old and then they die

And no matter how we try

So tell me you love me

Just one more time

Tearing a smile from a broken heart

I wait for the next rain to start



Written on

May 5, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about me and how I am so jaded. I feel things that no one ever should, and this is the proof of that.

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