Being Loved

A Different Sort of High

we stood under amarillo sky,
but we were miles away somewhere good and high.

For days after we had our mark on each other,
and never were we to love another.
Forever lover,
keep on strong,
someday in the distance not too long,
we'll be in each other's arms again,
and things will be how they've always been.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Eli and I

Secrets Are No Fun.



I walk like I'm conscious

of myself

I'm only conscious 

of yourself

I guess everything is about you


I talk like I'm conscious

of nothing

But I'm conscious

of some things

I know all the things to break your heart. 


You see I'm not allowed to tell

But how can you not tell...



The sly look

I notice sideways

See what you don't see

Oh that look

the fear in his eyes

that you don't see


I won't tell you, you're a liar too

Secrets secrets are no fun

secrets secrets hurt someone. 








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this when I found out a friend had cheated on his wife...

and I wasn't supposed to tell. 

But she had so many secrets too, so I didn't feel too bad. 

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When we met
you were the
I had yearned
loved in my

Dreamed of
sought your
wrapped in
one package.

My heart
became full
of you.
being my

searched the
of time
looking for
now I honor
your presence.


(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Having searched the boundries of time looking for you, now I honor your presence.

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Once again
the wind blew
carried our
love to
distant shores.

Captured by
a soft breeze
returned it to

In the folds
of your love
my heart beats

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the folds of your love, my heart beats rapidly.

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Guarantee for Life...

I can guarantee that you have a Best Friend, Partner for life. I can guarantee that I will never leave your side, no matter what, I will first swallow my pride...

I can guarantee that I will not always do things right, but I will ALWAYS do the right thing. Communication and trust is what we practice, but unconditional love is what I will bring...

I can guarantee that at one time or another, we will both have thoughts of walking away. Knowing this in advance, we can communicate our fears with no further delay...

I can guarantee that other than an act of infidelity on your part, nothing in this life will ever cause me to stray. I only want you, and I am guaranteed to stay...

I can guarantee that no issue will be ignored, unsolved or left to resentment. With that said, I only seek contentment...

I can guarantee that I will not expect change. I will only continue to love you and accept you, exactly as you are. No matter what the challenge our love will only grow and never be marred...

I can guarantee that our lives will improve, our dreams will become clear, and our actions will speak louder than our words...

I can guarantee that most will say there are no guarantees in life. Well, I guarantee that there are...

Written by: Gereen April Salkowski
Dedicated to: Martin C.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem when I thought about all my past experiences, all my failed relationships and all the fears that a man and woman face. So, I knew I would dedicate to someone, someday...

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The Pedestal


I would have built one for you,
a pedestal,
ashlar marble, polished fine,
inscribed, incised, simple,
a roman script,
and gilded,
"for my goddess",
thus named
and all framed in acanthus, vitis
and fine hederas...

But you beat me to it!



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New Box

Something of your consciousness

You spoke of it in detail

Then I answered, but of mine

It's stillness staleness oh so tired

Something you had said once

About your time of daily

It made me feel so guilty

For ever feeling sadly

And you spoke like it was nothing

Spoke like you were dreaming

And told me not to worry

Because times were turning right

You always look so pretty

Even when you're hurting

You say you feel so ugly

You say you feel so bland

I told you I do love you

You smiled and kept staring

Then you asked me really

If I meant what I was saying

And now we are a package

On route to our new place

And we will fight so gladly

Just to feel so happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's pretty terrible but I need to try and get back into writing.

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working man's hands

short poems

working man's hands

(monday; august 23, 2010; 2 am; property of Created Nonsense Entertainment)

how is it that you inspire me so much

with a passionate and gentle touch

working man's hands so soft and rough

insatiable. i can never get enough

our connection is a major plus

i can't find anything wrong with us

your super powers have got me thrilled

i'm in awe of all the things you build

you said you knew you could have me

long before i began pursuing

i'm drawn to you in every way

i never thought there would come a day

i take care of your every need

by spoiling you beyond belief

having a woman wasn't your plan

nor was i looking for a man

finding each other just sort of happened

now i have no desire to let it end

together, we flow and make a good team

i never want to wake up from this dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(monday; august 23, 2010; 2 am; about my bofriend fritz

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Lonesome Tear

My Poems

In the still of the night, I cry on the floor,

Waiting for you to come to my door!

Wanting to hold you in my arms while we lay in bed,

Thoughts of kissing you running through my head!

Your tender lips pressed up against me,

God, what a wonderful place to be!

Your body so tender and firm pressed up real tight,

Holding onto forever with all my might!

Scared to lose you in the blink of an eye,

Is the reason my heart trembles and begins to cry!

My strength weakening with the falling sun,

My life without you just isn't fun!

No worries or pain, nothing from my past,

Could ever break me, as long as our love will last!

So you see my Sweetness, I need you here,

Until then I will forever cry that lonesome tear!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written On: Oct. 19/09
Written By: DGBD CarDar Inc. 2009

To: My Wife,
I love and miss you so very much!

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