This cold yet beating heart radiates throughout a lit spectrum,

chilling shocked nerves back to its circulation of endeavors.

All colors illuminate charged vibes,

through bursts of released vibrance;

rebounding into cosmic flows.

Let it twist its form into translation,

as metamorphosis possesses embodiment;

now to rid the lost mind through embers of universal touch.

Sparked surrealism replenishes still strength,

expanding the sun's watchful eye.

Let this still heart beat,

within the warmth and overflow of fixed light.

Along the specs of flickering stars,

dormant cold fusion breaks free leaving components of my revelation.

...only to stand aglow amidst the undead world-

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Sundown Eyes


And the sky took with light

Reflected in my eyes; beaming

Feeling lighter and bright

Submerging my soul; dreaming


I’ve fallen into the crescent

A tight woven bond

Enriching the present

A long road too fond


A candle in the distance

Awakens the depths inside

A higher purpose of existence

From you, I cannot hide


I have fallen in to your grace

No sense of time; still

A torch for my darkened place

Adventures in twilight; surreal

Her Perspective

I found a girl, and saw her perspective
Silent, yet surprisingly reflective
They claimed she was away, entirely defective

But I knew otherwise just from the look in her eyes
I saw through the silent, and closed off disguise

And from there, I saw the immediate connection
Completely dissected, but still searches for true affection


Her warm, yet crooked emotion
A calmed, yet broken devotion


Silent, but struggling for her sound
and yet, still not a face found


Her skin torn, gone and rotten.
Her mouth stolen, words lost, ignored and forgotten.


She was exposed to all of the morbid things
Corrupted lies, and uneven broken wings


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew


And she left sudden, without a word,
Her existence she seen was too blurred


Before I could realize, she was gone and done
Did you ever wonder what life can become?


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew..

we are human snakes




speaking in 'tongues',

ordinary people

without will,

release of all ego,

sputter forth the


and innermost connection

to anything remotely comprehensible

of the concept of






as 'holy scholars',

doctors of philosophy,


'the righteous'

and us,





to look towards words

created by 






or even

'star magazine',




to raise and inflate our 

balloon of spirituality

and fly to a place we call


to touch a 'god' that created 

us in an image that 

we have never laid eyes on,

but only interpreted

within the realm of human





we refer to this thinking

as 'sane',

and those who 

sputter glossolalia









Author's Notes/Comments: 

The snake. An animal with a 'forked tongue'. 

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Nature / Folder 1

Most births I have watched,
Tiny bundles of love,
Arms outstretched,
Symbolic of our ability to give,
To receive love in the world,
And to fully live,
Etched with Divine Intelligence,
To embrace this world in eager anticipation,
The waiting is over, as the soul guides us
On the journey
Down the womb of it's choosing
We come to join the human race
With an open heart,
A mind thirsty for nourishment, the synapses begin to connect
As we are held closely
To the warmth of human touch,
The first part of the voyage is complete,
The exploration has begun,
With all that we need for what is to come,
Whether born into hunger,
Or a belly with nutrition,
All the soul askes will ensue to fruition,
Time nonexistent, pain has no meaning,
Til the weight of this material world
Becomes an albatross,
Senses blurred and hearts aching,
Burthen with demands to adapt to conditioning,
And what we call growing, begins to lose meaning,
Rips us away from the soul, 
Renders us incognizant of it's deeming,
But the tapestry is laid and course is now planned,
There is no turning back, not a one is unmanned,
A still voice within, so quiet and meek,
It requires your heart to reveal it's mystique,


Love and nature have the answers to all that you crave,
Reconnect with your soul, and together, this Earth we will save.



4:26 PM 4/23/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The soul and the world. Regaining balance from man's demands for material greed.

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This Is New

Trust, loyalty, and love stares back
At a newfound wondrous energy
Who’s discovered ways that self could be
A part of another. She gazes back,
Finding that a connection was painted into the universe--
Beautiful, vivacious, and full of love--
With a generous pallet’s kiss on a supple brush.



2010-2012 Poems

Everyone needs a guiding star,
At one point or another in their lives...

The first time I laid my eyes on you,
I knew that there was this profound connection
Between your life and mine.

I could be your star and you could be mine,
Together we'll discover what's more
In this vast, dark universe.

I've laid my eyes on you,
And everything is bright and beautiful.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(c)jerlin 30May11 @10:12pm, Songkhla, Thailand

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Two Connected Hearts


We were once two people

With a me of broken hearts

all piled up, never knowing when

We’d make a go of it, and have our starts


But then one day I woke up

And realized that I was tired

of starting over again and again

That’s when you and I got wired


We connected again just like before

And talked, just we always have

That’s when we decided

That we have always been, to each other, a salve


And that’s when we connected

Two heats with one goal

We just had to get

Our hearts out of that bowel


So we did, and now we are together

And are starting off where we left off

I know that there are some people

Who would just sit back and scoff


They aren’t gonna make it

They just may as well give up now

but we are going to make it

Lets show them how


When we do make it

And end up getting wedding bands

That will just show them

When they look at our hands



Written on

April 1, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yet again, this ones to Bri. About our connection.

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sister moon

it was a love affair of sorts

two souls reaching out 

making a connection 


knowing it was something

unique and precious 

this was a divine union


It was beautiful and true

we were sisters of the moon

we laughed we danced we played

looked forward to it each day


then one chilly early morn

I awoke to find she'd vanished

I couldn't understand


where did she go?

why would she leave?

why wouldn't she tell me?


I asked around

no one had seen her

my heart sunk to the floor


where had my sister gone?


I came across a clue

it had to be hers

it was just her style


so I reached out and touched it

but was knocked to the floor

by a ravaging whirling electrical storm


I didn't know what hit me

but I felt these teeth sink into my neck

and suddenly a beast was born


He took over my being

he went on a rampage

and tore my sister to shreds


how could this be

this being was not me

but these were my hands

doing the evil deed


I stopped him from killing her

but she'd not trust me again

and how could she

after all it was these hands


I tried to convince her 

but she pushed me away

"get out of here

I don't want you to stay"


devastation set in

and then it began

the beast was trying

to kill me from the inside


oh what a battle

we fought for 6 nights

he went on and on

and I couldn't take flight


the battle continues

to this very day

but I tell you I'm winning

I'm well on my way


I've seen my sister

now and again

sometimes she smiles at me

and that makes me grin


but I know I have lost

the trust we once had

and I still sit here 

feeling quite sad


still she sends lessons

from her distant star

I don't always get them

soon enough to take part


so I send her my blessings

and hope she receives

I will love her from a distance

I shall now set her free












Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece was inspired by botulism while I was going through it. At least that's what my doctor suspected it was from my description. I did not go to the doctor while I was sick. Having had the experience, which reminded me of how Wesley in The Princess Bride must have felt when he was on that torture device, was the most excruciating pain of my life. I feel like I could almost relate to a torture victim. It felt like a thousand knives with electrical cords attached all moving in opposite directions as it shocked me and made my body convulse over and over and over again. This persisted for months with more time in between each shock. 


I survived!!


Also inspired by my first poetic friend who disappeared all of a sudden. 


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