Angelus Canticum

Light and Dark

Every single note was a song in itself

And every little breath was a melody

And I, a painful ripping squeal

That bellowed from inside of me


Her crimson lips had softly smiled

As she sang angelically 

But no more than a dissonant chord

Was the best that I could be


Oh, angel of the nightly song!

How wrapped in you I have become!

How can I go, and sing alone

Shouting like a falling drum


I can't forget your heavenly voice

That pierced the ever-present noise

Through sky and the pervasive smog

To me, whom naught but death employs. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I lost the will to keep working on it. It's sat on my desktop for weeks now and it's just time to post what there is.

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Her mom died when she was young…and though she survived the ordeal

she still misses her when she remembers her…

some wounds will never heal.


She remembers how her mom loved pelicans…how they soared on the breeze like a kite…

How she loved all kinds of pelicans…

but her favorite ones were white.


And when she walks along the surf…when the sea is tranquil and calm…

if a white pelican soars overhead…

it reminds her of her mom.


When she hears the swoosh of the pelican's wings…and sees the smile on its beak…

she instinctively returns a smile

as a tear rolls down her cheek.


Then came the day for her to marry…her mom now years out of reach…

she decided to have the ceremony…

in the sand…

upon the beach.


Halfway through the service…about the time she took his hand

A flock of pelicans flew overhead…

then landed on the sand.


And she again remembered how her mom loved pelicans…

how they soar on the breeze like a kite…

And she had to stop and catch her breath…

because all these pelicans…

were white.


It was a beautiful moment…the end of a beautiful day

and when the ceremony was over…

all the pelicans flew away.


All the pelicans that is but one…who lingered there a while…

whose beak she swears to this day…

was formed into a smile…


She never thought of pelicans as angels…until her wedding night

but now her favorite angel…

is a pelican…


painted white.

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Sleep Dealer

Just For Fun

Sing to me sweet angel

A child's lullaby

As I lay my head upon your lap

And dream of days gone forever


Can it be

Do I espy

A scintillating smile

Behind sweetly spoken lies


It's no surprise

I idolize

The pools of lull

Within your eyes



Sleep dealer

Be my fix for


You're my favorite drug

Walking Angel

Why do angels

Have wings

Cause in the sky

They fleet


When I saw you walking

Now I wonder

 Do they have feet


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I never believed in Angels
I always told myself it's just fiction
Nothing that really exists in any way

But then I found you
The most beautiful girl
And that's when I knew
That Angels do exist

You have a smile of an angel
You have the heart of an angel

My love for you will always be
I will always stand by yourself
Hoping that you will always be with me

No matter what happens
I will always love you
And you will forever be in my heart

You are my Angel from above

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Fallen Angel


Beloved, where are you leading me

And why are you trying to entice me

To experience the fruits of the Earth?


How much longer shall our souls 

Twist and turn upon this rocky path

Before we can dance the dance divine?


You look at me with your soul’s eyes

And all I see is the flame in your heart;

As your lips meet mine, the fire consumes me

As it snakes through my veins

Igniting the flame in my own heart.


But I dare not let it stay there

Lest you learn the secrets that I hold.

We are from different worlds

But we were drawn together

By an inner force that we could not deny.


My freedom has gone  

I stayed here too long!

My body is bound by the chains of materiality

And now I cannot escape the Spirit of Love

As he takes deadly aim.


I shudder as I feel the arrow pierce my heart

But with soft fingers, my beloved removes it

And heals the wound with his kisses.

And as the vibrations throb through my body

He places a lock upon the chains.


Am I to be the eternal prisoner of Love?

A slave to the ecstasy running through my body?

Halt for a moment, my love.

My heart is weary, let me rest.

Let me find the key to unlock these chains.


As my love sleeps, I probe his mind

And discover the key hidden in a sacred centre.

At last I can unfold my wings!

Because freed of theses chains

I remember who I am. 


You have a choice, Beloved.

Will you ascend with me to the stars

And let me help you remember your heavenly home?

Or are you going to stay here on earth

And forever tread the wheel of rebirth?


Lynette Asmar


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem about ten years ago after a metaphysical encounter. 

*A Thousand Tears*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


A thousand tears 

Is all I cry

I'm not running away from my fears

I'm not beliving another lie

My heartbeat no one hears


You told me she's gone for good 

She no longer has your heart

You said you'd forget her completely if you could

But the healing has just begun to start

You said you'd leave I believe that you would


So it may take a little while

To forget her all the way

Just remember you have me 

And that to your face will bring a smile

I'm going no where I'm here to forever stay

Just set your feelings for her free


A thousand tears

Is all I cry

I'm not running away from my fears

I'm not believing another lie

It's time to wipe away my tears



*If I Were An Angel (2)*


 December.10.2007 3:28am/ May.24.2015

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


If I were an angel

I'd sit down and cry

Because I feel so helpless

I can't do anything as I watch the world die

I can't seem to figure a way to clean up the mess

All I can do is linger and wait

Wait here above the clouds in the sky

Once again a life is taken because of hate 

As I caress my wings I sit and begin to sigh

Today no one can help not even fate

I must go now

I better hurry before I am late

So many souls not enough time to do it all

I don't know how

Greeting each man woman and child at the golden gate

Each waiting for me to to do my name call

There are too many rushing to get in 

I ask them to line up against the cloud wall

I then tell them

This isn't a competition no ones going to win

So please walk slow

Your turn wil come around

Even though in the back of my mind

I know the line will only begin to grow

So please wait and be kind

People stand there sad as can be 

Walking without making a sound

Their loved ones they no longer can see

But if they look into thier heart

The loved ones can be found

They truely never did part

The pain they felt is free


If I were an angel I would find a way

To put this evil vibe in the world to rest

Every night I pray for that very day

But every day seems to be a test

I don't know what to do or say

All I can do is my best

Greet each person with respect

Wrap my wings around them and hold on tight

I will guard them from neglect

I will try to make things right 

I'm their angel now

I will protect them the best that I can

Living in heaven I will show them how

Right next to thier side

I will forever stand

The truth to them I will never hide



*Angel By My Side*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


When I feel down and lost 

And can't find my way in the dark

All you have to do is smile 

And that brightens evrything

So as your presence is around

I pray you stay with me for a very long while 

To my heart a joy you always bring 


When there is a storm over my head 

You make the sun shine

And my soul no longer feels like lead

Now I am feeling alot better because you're mine

You take away the pain

And some how let me know everything is okay

I then have a better day 

And every time happiness you bring 


You are my angel by my side 

You are always there when I need you 

You answer all my prayers

You always guide me through

When I have a tough situation

You help me decide

You some how always keep my skies blue


God sent you to me for a reason

To make sure I make it through life

Make sure I survive

He asks you to guide me through each season

You help me stay alive

In myself and my duties

You help me believe in

With every part of my life


With your big brown eyes

They make me glad you're with me 

God had sent you from the heavens skies

You've changed the way I use to be 

Even though I have my days

I thank the lord above

For not taking you away from me 

So this is why our safety I put in Gods hands

To protect thee

And in return he sends his love

To guide us in a better direction a better way

And for him by our side he'll always stand


Whenever we hear a church bell ringing 

We'll know you are there

To protect us from harm

We hear your precious singing 

We know you care

Because of you my little girl is my lucky charm

And for that reason You both will always be 

My angel by my side



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my daughters Totteaanna and Shaniya I love you both so much. Dedicated to God also because without him I wouldn't have my precious daughters.