The Reason


It’s the way you smile

When I say those three words

Yea you heard me damn it

Your gentle touch

And the light in your eyes

It’s you purring in my ear

All those sounds you make

When you pull me close

As your fast asleep

The way you linger in my mind

And tug my heartstrings

How you make me fly

Just because your there

Damn just the way you look at me

I truly believe you

As you say I’m the only one

You’ve ever loved before

It’s the way you want my best

As you take my worst

The way I gave myself to you

Without question or doubt

Never even thought to hesitate

The way you think

You’ve found the perfect girl

As I lay broken

Here at your feet

Your fearlessness

As you wrestle my demons

You’ve seen the darkness

Lying restless in my soul

And still embrace me

As if I were whole

The way you came to me

Your soul bared

Scarred but still beautiful

You let me touch you

So deep down inside

How you stare in my eyes

Knowing you found the one

After too many tries

I feel your love emanate from you

It vibrates so thickly

I can almost hold on to it

And it’s in your way

Of embracing me

And setting me free

So many reasons why

And so many I keep to myself

I love you just isn’t enough



Written on

February 1, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Eli. Reading this I can now see what he meant to me.

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