*When Love Becomes A Lie*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


In the begining was great

But towards a month passing

I started to get a feeling of hate

And wondering if we would be lasting


You tell me you didn't do a thing

My gut tells me a different feeling

To my heart forgiveness I try to bring

But no matter how hard it tries

My heart is having a hard time healing 

At night....Every night it cries

I know of the hints they are revealing

I pray none of them are true lies


I promise you from the start

That I'd stick by you no matter what

But you also promised you wouldn't break my heart

And now it's going back to being half shut

It's beaking apart


I will keep to my promise we won't ever part

I hold on to what you have told me 

But if when our love becomes a lie 

I will have no choice but to set you free

I don't want to really though

Because my heart will then fully die 

And I will be left with pain

With nights of tears to show

And I'll be alone....all alone

I'll be left to cry

My heart then turns to stone 


All because love became a lie 

The promise you made to me 

You never were ever going to keep

The love you said you gave

You promised you would never leave

My heart got broken my chest caved


Your words you lead me to believe

All that came out of your mouth was true

But now my heart bleeds

Of pain and agony

And I'm crying on my knees

How much I'm broken apart

Don't tell me you didn't know

I promised you I wouldn't leave

But your love you no longer show

Maybe it's time you give me back my heart


You said you would stick by my side 

For me you'd always care 

But I see now that was a lie all along

You lead me on and that's not fair

Maybe we don't belong


You told me your love would never end

You said you'd always be faithful

And always your love you'd send

But you no longer call me beautiful

Now we just feel like friends

My love I don't think with you I can share

I believe now you were pretend



A Butterfly Fair

Dad, where are we?

We are at a fair, my little fairy,

What sort of fair it is?

Well, a fair of the butterflies.


Dad, can butter fly?

No, how can butter fly?

But a butterfly,

Can certainly fly.


Look, how dazzling the multihued butterflies are!

These are a rare gift of nature, 'my dear'.

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small, medium or large?





 it isn't that 


anyone's mind 


is being read


that  just isn't possible


same as blue 


isn't red




but it's because


when you're close


to the universe's needs


what you ask will 


be answered


wrapped up gently


in love's seeds






patience must be learned


the guidance can be thin


you can't rush it you have to wait


for it to surface from within






9:46 AM 7/6/2013










Author's Notes/Comments: 

what some mediums say

Wishes Of A Jaded Girl


I opened my eyes today

And welcomed the warm sunlight

Put a smile on my face

Just in case today doesn’t go right


I thought of some good times

And pushed out some bad

Put some thought into

Things I’ve never had


I don’t want what I can’t have

I don’t wish for more than I do

I have always known

Good things will come to you


But I asked today

For one simple thing

Let me lay down my demons

So I can open my broken wings


I need to fly, to be free

I need the wind in my hair

So I can believe for one moment

That life really is fair


Can you help me my friend

Can you help me move on

Even though I can’t really say

I can be that strong



Written on

August 1, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is ohh so true. Hince the screen name, CrimsonAngel, crimson is the color of blood and angel is what I have always wanted to be. Bloody angel, just because I have been hurt so many times in the past.

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